The Boat That Rocked


It is well mad .. but  I enjoyed it

Orangetas Orangetas
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It wont be to everyones taste .. it grew on me and I loved the ending

I think it is a fun movie Mother

The dark haired young man kneeling ..

He he I realise you're not terribly serious about it (the cougar thing)...<br />
<br />
Which one (in the photo) reminds you?

Hmmm .. thank you roj , I think I completely forget how old I am ..<br />
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The actor reminds me of a family member I am very fond of so that is why I have a soft spot for him <br />
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The cougar thing is a joke in ref to something someone said the other night .. I think

Go Tasmin?? I'll have to check that movie out. <br />
<br />
Makes me think - you don't feel like a dirty old woman looking at younger men??? That's a minor ethical challenge the male equivalent of the 'cougar' has ;-) Only minor...

I am not a fan either justmeonline but I think this is def' the best of the bunch <br />
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Apparently it is an older woman who prefers younger men ...

I think I have become a 'cougar' <br />
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I just love the young handsome actor in it ;)

Ohhhh Hehe Frito *blushes* will check it out ...sounds like something I would love! :)

Its brill eh Lala ..<br />
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Frito .. it is a very funny film created by the some folk who made Nottinghill, Four Weddings and Love Actually

Is this a tv show?

Haha I love that film. Rhyss Ifans character reminds me of Misery sooo much