I Know I'm Way Too Nice But I Know How To Handle It.

I was raised in an environment where I felt I had no freedom to make mistakes. I grew up around people who's moods were sporadic and unpredictable. To feel in control, I tried to be perfect but it backfired. I became a lost child, so alone, so needing. The inner child controlled me for a long time.
I had no voice, no passion, no outrage! People could say or do despicable things to me and I'd take it. I could never bring myself to fight. Hurt was like a one way street. Kindness became a curse, until I realized something...there's no cure.
I'll always be this way but people like me are special, not weak. We're sometimes hard to find. It's in places like this, where we can unite and learn. I'm glad to know there are others with similar circumstances. I would be elated to read your comments. PS The best way for me to survive in this world is to keep embracing myself because most of the time, that's all I'll ever get.
healthspring healthspring
41-45, F
Sep 23, 2012