Eyes Are My Weakness

I'm weak with eyes. SImple as that. Now, that would just be a trivial matter, only that the mishaps and misunderstandings that comes with it provides much problems. I don't hate eyes, it is actually the opposite. I'm mesmerized.

Not just a certain someone's eyes, practically everyone. Old, young, male, female, good, nice. I am terrible with jewelry, couldn't differentiate them with rocks or plastic. However, eyes are something that is valuable to me, just as diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Thus, to avoid being a specchless, blubbering idiot, I tend to avoid looking at the eyes. People perceive me either on being deceitful, or someone with low self-esteem (Which I don't think so.While I'm not the best person alive, I'm not the worst either). If I did managed to look, I will turn back into a tongue-tied stutter. And many misunderstood, thinking I am actually infatuated with them. This could be worse if that person is committed, regardless of females or males.

But I can't help it. I can stand in front of a knife, I can stand mass attack, I can stand a whole group of people. I just can't look people in the eyes.

Weird, huh?

iocustheoda iocustheoda
18-21, F
Mar 6, 2010