A Loner Like Me Is A Weak Person

why i finally choose to be a loner, avoid and push people cause im emotionally weak and sensitive. do i have to put so much effort and suffer just to 'fit in' and be in the same level as everybody else? i used to do that. i am very tired from doing that. i am now in my own peace and happiness. i am weak, and no one gets to step on me as much as before.

Candybitch Candybitch
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

you go girl!! be yourself, we don't have to take **** from anyone due to physical or emotional weakness

why do you do that to yourself<br />
you don't have to impress anyone<br />
just be yourself<br />
i'm weak as you to, i have girls not liking me for who i am<br />
i'm a nice guy that gets treated like ****.<br />
my friend is dating my ex<br />
my most i ever sleep now is like 15 hours cause i dont want to wake up<br />
but i am, so why don't you wake up a little.