Swimming In Chastity

So today it was decided I was going to go swimming. I walked into the (thankfully) empty locker room and removed everything until I was standing there wearing nothing but my chastity device. Daringly I put all my clothes and my towel into the locker and locked it shut. I then laid my swimsuit on the bench and proceeded to walk naked to the bathroom area of the locker room. If someone came in at that point, there was no escape. I had nothing to cover up with nor any key to unlock myself. After a few minutes I walked back to the still empty locker side and pulled up my tight womens one piece swimsuit. I added a second suit to help conceal the bulge of the cb6000. The suits hugged me tightly and 4 people saw me swimming in them over the 1.5hrs that I was there. After swimming I showered in the suits to help remove the chlorine and then had to change again. I removed the suits and once again walked around naked with my chastity device before opening my locker to dry off and get dressed.
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Super bold with the swimwear and walking through the locker room with just your chastity belt. I also wear by chastity belt under my Speedo type suit and it is quite noticeable. I have had quite a few looks from both men and women, but most of the other reactions have come from men. Most of the time they grope themselves or if I am in the steam room they just reach out and fondle me.

There is something so exhilarating facing sexual embarrassment.

Hi, I'm usually wearing CB-6000 for 3-4 days per week day and night. I can't see anything embarrassing if someone will see my chastity device. For me, having my penis in chastity is totally different experience. I love it. Now, I can concentrate on more important things in my life. I start missing my device when it off me. I'm thinking to start wear it 24x7 with time of for an intimacy with my wife, who is also benefiting from it. I become more sexually stronger, because I'm not spending any time anymore for ************.

I usually wear mine for 2 weeks at a time. I would wear it longer if I had a key holder. I love wearing it with my swimsuit and it makes certain there will be no erection in my swimsuit.

I am locked 24/7 and I do a lot of swimming too. I wear a speedos, and that is it. There is one life guard that loock at my croach. I think she knows about chastity. I have a cb6000s with a lock shaped like a heart. The lock outline shows on the speedos, but nobody said anything to me. At the locker room, I go to a very empty area to changed.