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No Keyholder To Beg For Release This Time

I'm locked in chastity now, at least for the weekend. I've been locked up for 2 days in my cb6000 and now it's Friday. I took both keys to work with me and left them there! I am now stuck in my chastity device until at least Monday night. My keys are locked in my locker, inside a locked building with an alarm, and a locked gate outside. No one is there on weekends. So i must now endure at least 3 days with absolutely no way to remove my chastity device.
moosebob moosebob 26-30, M 2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

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That's amazing! Hope you enjoy your state of helplessness! There are ways to trap yourself making the keys unavailable for longer periods of time though. I don't know if 3 days is enough for now! Yes I know how it feel to lack a keyholder, it sucks. But that only makes you more resourceful so that you figure out ways how to do it yourself.

Sounds like ur stuck lol it would be fun to put on some **** andd watch u suffer