Starting a New Life In Chastity


First I should clarify it is not a chastity belt that I am locked into but the CB 3000 which consists of a ring which goes round my testicles and fastens at the base of my penis onto this is attached a tube which locks onto the ring using a padlock and encloses my penis. I have been interested in male chastity within marriage for a while and eventually plucked up the courage to purchase the CB 3000. It was delivered promptly and I was then faced with what to do I was intrigued about how it would feel to wear it and the first thing I did was shave my pubic hair something I had never done before. I then tried fitting the CB 3000 which comes with various sized rings, locking posts and spacers my first attempt took some time and it felt qute clumbersome and heavy on my penis and testicles it also felt very big between my legs and created an odd shape when wearing underpants. At first I kept the key on me in case of emergencies of which there were several including the device slipping off and one of my testicles getting trapped between the ring and tube when showering very painful! Over the next couple of weeks I experimented with different combinations of rings, posts and spacers and searched web sites to get some advice some of which I found contradictory. By this time I was wearing the device for periods of 3 to 4 days at a time. Things I found difficult were
  •  having to sit to pee I tried once to to stand up at home but it went every where, having to use public sit down toilets was a major challange since before wearing the CB 3000 I had avoided the like the plague,
  •  having peed I found it very difficult to dry myself since I could not touch my penis I had no way of dealing with the last few drops of urine which collected in the tube and the slowly transferred onto my underpants,
  • I rapidly found out that hygiene and cleaning the device were very important if you ignored this the smell quickly became noticeable
  • at first i followed the advice to use lubricants and creams to help me get used to wearing the device I quickly discovered that there was a down side and they could increase the odour problem if used too much!
  • cleaning and drying became more time consuming I discovered that you quickly become very proficient at manipulating cotton tips,
  • I quickly realised that some movements such as bending or sitting for any length of time could cause significant discomfort and require you to manipulate the tube into a more comfortable position difficult to do if you are in company or driving. Sometimes the ring to which the penis tube was attached would rotate slightly reqiring you to try and get it back to its proper position even though it fitted very close to the testicles,
  • which brings me to nightime erections a real pain literally and one that would frequently wake me up during the night and get me out of bed in the morning since despite the device I still got an erection and was bursting to have a pee at the same time I found that standing for a few minutes helped to reduce the erection so that I could sit on the loo and manipulate the device so that I peed into the bowl and not onto the floor. 
All the above occurred during a period of 4 weeks as I got used to wearing the device or so I thought, because I could unlock it when ever I wanted and I did not wear it for periods and I took it off to mastubate. I should explain that while I am married for a number of reasons I do not share the same bed or bedroom with my wife. For this reason I was able to wear the device without my wife knowing anything about it. I love my wife dearly and I wanted to change the situation we had drifted into over a number of years and over a number of months I had been slowly trying to improve our relationship with a small amount of success.  I felt that that by telling her about the chastity device and giving her the opportunity to either keep it or get rid of it ould be another step bringing us closer together once more. So for a number of days I tried to work out what I wanted to say to her culminating in me offering to let her control part of me using the CB 3000.  So now for the last 2 weeks I have been locked into the CB 3000 with my wife as the keyholder. We have agreed certain things I asked that I only be allowed out once a week to allow for a thorough cleaning of the device and that apart from this it was up to her when she released me. How do I feel surprisely relaxed at the moment, following the trial weeks the CB 3000 is securely locked around my penis and testicles only the key will unlock it I took no copies we have agreed that in an emergency I will ask her to unlock me otherwise the only way to remove it is to saw threw the padlock something I would not do. Emotionally holding the key to the CB 3000 myself in no way prepared me for how I now feel when I do not have access to the key you o not realise how much you touch or get sensations from your penis until you are denied access to it for a lot of the time it now feels to me like it has been cut off, when I take my clothes off I can see it is there and I can touch and massage the tube but it is no substitute for the real thing, sometimes I can forget that I am wearing the CB 3000. sometimes my penis and testicles are so flacid that I can hook my index finger under the ring but because of the small spacers being used I still could not free myself, other times the ring is very tight that I could not rotate it and there is discomfort but in is a case of toughing it out. Because of the CB 3000 I feel physically very close to my wife and it is something that love. I am finding that as the days go by all the things which attracted me to my wife in the first place are coming back to me and I realise how lucky I am to have her. Like all men I used to like looking at pretty girls your eyes were almost automatically drawn to them, not any more I go past the without a back ward glance my attention is focused on my wife and doing things which please her and in doing so please me. Who knows what time will bring but at the moment I regret not taking this step into voluntary chastity years ago.     
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im locked in my pink cb 3000

once you take that step ijn chastity you are lock for goode<br />
that is how it started with me an my wife lock then after hwile it was left on more then off

i think that giving your wife control of your sex life is terrific. whenever i get too carried away with my fantacies (usually every spring) my wife puts me on it too. if you love your wife, and it looks like you do, giving her control is the right thing to do. my wife insists on washing me so i'm not tempted to **********. you might want to research prostate massages.