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My First Chastity Belt

A few weeks ago me and my boy friend decided it was time for me to wear a chastity belt. He found a belt for me to wear on ebay and orderd it, and ive been wearing it every day for the past week. He lets me out every evening to clean and sleep but during the day it is very frustrating. So i found this website figuring maybe there were other girls in this position, because on the one hand i like it, its kinda fun in a strange way and dosnt look all that bad on me. But on the other i hate the frustration and wish i hadnt agreed to this.

sora23 sora23 36-40, F 16 Responses Apr 1, 2010

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It looks a really nice belt. It is a bit similar to mine . however mine only has a single covered chain at the rear rather then two like yours. My I ask if you poo in your belt or are you allowed to poo while the belt is off?

Thank you, but Ive been in a my-steel chastity belt for 3 1/2 years now.

Real Chastity is measured in years, not days. Sora23 is the reigning voice here. In my case, 3 months was max. Not even close. My hubby is 23 months, getting closer, but his sentence is over in 7 months, so he may never reach Sora's time frame.

How is it going?
Its been too long. Do u like or dislike?

I still like it, and have no plans to stop.

Hubby is going fine. He is very eager to be released. He will, of course, have to wear a locking **** ring after the belt comes off. He will wear it as long as we are together to remind him to be faithful, and what will happen if he misbehaves.

I like chastity also, as it seems to keep me aroused all the time. I usually lock the keys in my bank safe deposit box to make it more real.

There is a butt plug option ?

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I am also using from past 1week. My husband morning locks it and in night he ll open. I got this is as punishment. I am hating this. I cannot pleases myself. :(

Hi! I'm trying to find out about a chastity belt because my owner wants to put one on me. I need your help a lot.

I though you have to take it out every nigth and clean yourself, and put it the next morning (wearing it only during the day). It's thath true? You just said you didn't take it off all weekend? with no cleaning.

Tha fact is that my owner travels a lot because of work and some times stays out from 2 to 5 days. Do you think I can be all this time locked?

Also, do you think I have to go step by step untill i can wear it every day? or I can wear it forever from the begining?

I'll apreciate your quicke responce because I would like to get it as soon as posssible. Thanks in advance!!

The first rule is get a quality belt. It has to be custom made for you or it will be very uncomfortable to wear. Personally, I have a Tollyboy belt, but there are several high quality merchants. Take a look here to see some reviews and lots of other information about belts.

Usually, when you get a new belt you wear it for a day and see how it fits. The front shield may need some bending or the waist band. After you become used to it (A week or so), you can be safely locked up for weeks or possibly even months. My longest lockup time in University was one entire semester. (3 months)

Again, this is all conditioned on making sure you have a well fit belt. If you want to just try one out and see what they are like without spending hundreds of dollars, you can order a cheap Chinese belt off the internet. Most are sold by a merchant called DHGate. They are not really suitable for really long term wear, but they are cheap. About $100.00.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Im glad you want to do that for your owner. But the first step is to get a well fit belt. Mine is a my-steel model. Once you have a belt that fits well take your time getting used to it, i started with a few hours and worked up from there. As far as cleaning goes i clean every day now, but it can be possible to clean while wearing it and go a week without removal. Longest I've been locked was 5 months, and man was that hard!

You are a fellow Woman after my own heart. I hope all is well with you.

Thank you so much girls for your very quick response! Your collaboration is very important for me and It feels I'm not alone. ;)

I'm from Spain and I'm already buying stuff in DHgate and actually I was thinking on buy it there but I didn't know that the belt has to be your own steel model and thats awesome! because I guees it will fit more confortable. :)

Keep in touch and have a nice week to all!!


If you just want to try the idea of being belted, a Chinese belt from DHgate is cheap, and if it does not fit well, you didn't waste much money.

What else can we help you with? Have you made a selection? Just curious.

I'm triying to ser thrue DHgate wich is my size. Let'ts see what i find. Other question is. Obviously you don't wear it when you are on your period rigth. Those days should be holyday! Lol

Other thing that makes me doubt its that I get vaginal fungus (infection) often. I have to take probiotic pils and care about food i eat and also a very good claning of my vagina... This is the part that makes me doubt a lot because i dont live with my owner and as i said he travels a lot, but i guess if something happens i can have a key copy :p Actually i could have it anyway to take it off to clean it every day. Hummm... Im so excited.. Can't wait!

You should always have a key available. Your owner can seal it in an envelope if he desires so he would know if you opened it, but since you never know what emergency might happen, having a key under your control is necessary. I think you will find it great fun. I know we do.

I second that, a key that is available to you should a emergency arise is a absolute must for safe wearing. In your case you will have to work out a way to clean without his presence. Possibly a different lock on the secondary shield so that you can clean inside without removing the entire belt.

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do you still use it

Yes I still use it every day.

Girls do look hot in steel chastity belts!

Well i decided to update my story. Its been over 2 years (2 years 4 months to be exact) since i posted this. We have since upgraded me to a my-steel device and i am now locked 24/7 since january 2011, as rudejude stated it is pretty uncomfortable and at times a little painful but i cant imagine life any other way at this point! I wear the secondary sheild during the day and it is removed at night so im a little more comfy. but thank you to all who have responded so far it means alot.

What happens when you want to go swimming? Doesn't the belt show through your swimsuit?

Good grief, of course a belt shows through swimwear. While i used to wear thong bikinis, with a belt this would be ridiculous. I have gone wading however, in shallow water due to the weight of the belt, with just the belt and a bikini top. It was quite interesting when I walked out of the water and everybody could see the belt and thigh bands.

I took my time drying off and settling in next to my friend Betty who was not belted at the time, but was wearing a very risque thong with minimal front coverage and very minimal boob coverage. Then we waited.

It took about 10 minutes before some too young guys came over and we brushed them away. Then some gals about our age came over and we welcomed them. Lots of talk about belt wearing (I exaggerated a bit, of course, about heightened sexual drive) and Betty told great "word pictures" about being almost naked in public. I think they all got a big rush and I'd like to think we made their day.

You are precisely correct, it does have a purpose and function. I'm glad to see more mature people that understand why i wear a chastity belt.

I am glad you said not in 'huge' discomfort. For me a certainly level of discomfort is essential. for me the chastity belt is not about ensuring my chastity. My mistress has that on oath already. For me my belt is a sign that I am totally owned and loved, the discomfort is a constant reminder of this. If i go swimming, the style of my belt means that it will be hidden completely (apart from its shape) by fairly high waist-ed bikini bottoms. Hip style bottoms will reveal the metal waist belt and the chains.

you are so so right.
'even dirtyness' !!!

Just so everyone knows, we married on 1/1/13! I'm so happy to be spending my life with such an awesome person. And Noelfrax is 100% correct, as long as i'm wearing it he leaves it to me as to how i handle it's outward appearance, and how i explain it (if i choose to anyway, frankly it's none of anyones business), and for anyone wondering i wear regular bikini bottoms and honestly don't care that the waist band shows a bit.

Good for you and congratulations on your marriage. I am sure it will be a long and happy one.

It does indeed show throw swim ware, but thats just par for the course I'm afraid. But then again I'm not wearing a fashion accessory.

Sora which one is the secondary shield?

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There doesn't seem to be a huge response from other women in your position. I was wondering too how many other women wear them. I do. I am in a lesbian relationship and my partner put me in one. At first I resented it. It hurts, it is uncomfortable. But I got to love it. It is a sign of my ownership and that I belong to my mistress. I am proud of that and therefore I am proud to wear the belt she has given me. No matter how much it hurts.<br />
<br />

HI Jude: Back when I was in university, I had a two semester relationship with another woman (I am also a woman) who was very jealous and concerned that I would have sex with another woman, or even worse, a man. She asked me to wear a chastity belt, which i agreed to do. As soon as it was locked on (It was her belt) she became very dominate and would not unlock it. It stayed on for about 6 months with occasional cleanings; the horniest six months i have ever spent. It was fairly comfortable - a lot more comfortable than the spankings I had to endure - but when it got hot I didn't like it at all. All my complaining got me was a weekend where she kept me naked in our apartment. She took all my clothes and locked them in her car, which she then parked on campus. She told me i was free to go get them if I wanted which was very mean I think. She spanked me several times a day that weekend and told me I was now her **** slave.

In retrospect, She was definitely a disturbed person, but at 19 I did not know any better and just put up with it. She was expelled at the end of my second semester of chastity and one day she just walked in, packed her stuff and walked out. She threw the keys at me and I never saw her again.

For the next two years of University, i would often lock my self in the belt for several days just for fun. I began to date boys, and let a few of them think they were going to get laid and then they discovered the belt. A few literally ran away, but one nice guy, who I ended updating seriously for the next two years, thought it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen and would engage me in fantastic sexual foreplay and then lock we up for a few days. It drove me nuts, but he liked the way i would beg to be released and finish our sex. Sometimes he would sometimes not, but we both enjoyed it a lot.


do you still have the belt ?
do you still use it.

Sure do, and as i explained to somebody else, either the belt has shrunk or I have expanded; the latter being more probable than the former. I still put it on but it's now a very tight fit. Sometimes I'll lock it on on a Friday morning, drop off the keys at my bank's safety deposit box and have to stay locked till Monday PM. It's amazing how you want what you can't have, but great fun anyway.

I'd love to be 19 again and let the boys think they were going to get some action and then they discover the belt. The reactions are priceless, and today with more knowledge about chastity belts floating around, would even be more fun. What do you think?

Hi! I'm trying to find out about a chastity belt because my owner wants to put one on me. I need your help a lot.

I though you have to take it out every nigth and clean yourself, and put it the next morning (wearing it only during the day). It's thath true? You just said you didn't take it off all weekend? with no cleaning.

Tha fact is that my owner travels a lot because of work and some times stays out from 2 to 5 days. Do you think I can be all this time locked?

Also, do you think I have to go step by step untill i can wear it every day? or I can wear it forever from the begining?

I'll apreciate your quicke responce because I would like to get it as soon as posssible. Thanks in advance!!

I didn't have a belt when i was young. I have only been put in one over the last 7 or 8 years. My belt used to belong to my mistress . It was custom made to fit her. but it fits me too. I am in it at the moment. I will have to be in it until august 14th. For her own ammusement my mistress has decided to 'fatten' me up a bit. i have put on 9 lbs so far and the belt is getting tighter ;-)

Yeah, I know about the Fatten Up part. The belt, however, does help me mind my weight. So that's a good thing. I will be belted for the next three weeks. I mailed the keys to my sister and told her not to send them back for three weeks.

I have not selected my own items of clothing to be worn for over 8 years. Whatever I wear ( or not ) is selected by my mistress.

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My wife's age a little girl wearing a chastity belt 5 years non<x>stop. She's now 32 years old. Now Carrera chastity belt wears hers all the time. Rarely opens it. He says he does not cause any trouble during the wash.

<br />
Hello sora23,<br />
great, you took the first step; you will see with time you will like it more and more. Chastity for a limited time will clearly improve a couple's sex life. I have written several of our experiences at EP and have also photos of myself under my profile.<br />
My wife and I wear special design CB's, but no longer that for a week; this way, we save ourselves for a great passionate and orgasmic weekend.<br />
Hope you both will find lots of pleasure with each other.<br />

i make them any type any size any material

Chastity Belts!...I would love to try it<br />

I didn't know they had long term female chastity belts what kind is it?

There are quite a few manufactures for long-term belts. I have one from neosteel, one from my-steel and one carrara .

What a lovely story:) Part of the process is training the mind along with the body to accept the position afforded to a submissive as a female, locked into chastity this way. At first, you will regret your acceptance, but give it time, for eventually, if you're meant to be trained to realise you're owned, if at least in this fashion, if not entirely in any other way, your mind will begin to embrace the truth of your situation. As long as you give it the due respect, and your key owner does as well... it should be a good thing for you both. Abuse has no place in a respectful relationship, so if there's abuse involved, this belt is not for you. I wish you both luck and love with your new chastity:)

Hey Sora,<br />
I am in my belt since 5 years (i was 15 when I got it) and I learned to live with it and except it.<br />
I get unlocked every saturday for cleaning, shaving and for cleaning the belt.<br />
Actually I feel in the meantime uncomfortable when I am not in my belt.<br />
You got your belt from ebay? And it really works? When I got mine we had to go 4 times to the manufacturer for slight corrections as at the beginning it was scarfing a little and I had pressure on my hips.<br />
What kind of belt do you have?<br />
Where do you live? I am in Germany.

Hi Sora,<br />
<br />
I know what you mean! How are you getting along with your belt?<br />
<br />