A Tight Little Tale

Hi all,
I am 65 years of age and have worn corsets for many years. I had an interest in female clothing since I was 8 when I wore a pair of my step-mothers sister's 4 1/2" strappy white, open-toed heels. I had seen her wearing shoes like that everytime she dressed up to go out & wondered how she could walk in those "stilts" so well. One afternoon, while she was still staying with us in the guest bedroom, I was home alone, my Dad was working & my step-mom & her sister were going to be gone shopping for a couple of hours & they trusted me enough by myself. I played with my toys for a little while, but got bored soon & felt like doing something else. I could see those many pairs of heels in the other bedroom, she had 25 at the time, & I just could not stop myself from getting a closer look. I picked up one pair after another. but the white ones just seem to call to me. I knew I shoudn't, but I felt complelled to take my slippers off & slip my foot into this feminine creation. There were 5 straps to buckle up & I pulled them as tight as I could after the shoes were on both feet. Then I tried to stand up. Wow, it felt like I was going to fall on my face as I fought to keep my balance perched on these slender towers. I wobbled around with arms out like a tight-rope walker trying to keep from twisting an ankle until I was able to walk somewhat Ok. I felt I was as tall as an adult in these high heels, even though I had to walk different as if I were on tip-toe all the time. There was a full length mirror in the closet door, so I made my way over to it to see how I looked. Man I loved the look of these on me as I posed this way & that. I wore them for the next hour or so, feeling more & comfident right along & walking in them like I had worn them all my short life. I found my calves started to hurt as did the balls of my feet & mt toes from being pinched together in the narrow confines of the pointed tips, but I still did not want to take them off. I lost track of time until I heard the car pull into the driveway & there I was with these high heels on yet! I was still in my PJs & I tried to take the shoes off ASAP, but I had done a good job of tightening the straps to the fullest & the little buckles would not give to my panicked fingers. I tugged & pulled on the feninine footware, but they would not give once bit. I heard the backdoor openning & made my way on tip-toe to my bedroom & jumped into bed pulling the blanket up to my neck & pretended I was asleep by the time my step-mom looked in on me. After she closed the door I again went after those darn buckles. It took me at least 10 minutes to get those shoes off, then I had to wait until they were out in the kitchen drinking coffee before I could sneak the heels back into her room. I was just lucky that time, but it started a high heel shoe fetish that has gone on to this day.
I would wear my step-mom's panties & bra, stuffed out with socks, a pretty negliigee & house coat, heels & a pretty silk scarf when I had the chance. I would even wear full make-up while I took a long bath as she would keep a lot of it in the bathroom. I would wash it all off before coming out & nobody every knew. Then came the fathful day I fould something new in the bottom of one of her lingerie drawers. It was pink, shiny, very stiff in places, soft & silky in others, it had a bunch of cords in the back that looked really long & ribbons hanging down from the bottom. It had a built-in bra with heavy wires under the cups, I did not know at the time but the box said 34C 20, meaning it was a 20" waist corselet. It seemed brand-new & I don't think she ever wore it. Maybe it was the wrong size, maybe her sister bought it for her & she just never felt she wanted to wear it, I don't know. Anyway I wanted to try this beautiful thing on ASAP. I got a chance a few days later & knew I would have at least 4 hours to play with my new "hobby:. I wanted to go "all out" this time to see how pretty I could look. I picked all white clothing for this "coming out", white satin panties, white panty-girdle for a smooth front, the pink corselet, white full slip, 3 petticoats, a tight fitting white brocade princess cut, full skirted back zipped dress, shiny "nude" stockings, the white strap heels, full make-up, long white gloves & a wide-rimed white hat with a veil. I even polished my toenails a bright red to really set off the look with a lot of red jewelery to finish. I voided myself fully before starting, put on the panties, tugged on the girdle, that was quite tight,pulled up the Nylons& put on the shoes, as I knew I would not be able to bend after,  then opened the corselet up fully before stepping into it, this one had no front clasps & had to be pulled up into place. I pulled & tugged & stuggled for a good 10 minutes before I got it up to where it needed to be, I should have heeded this warning that it was going to be hard to get off later. But I would not stop until I had this ulta-feminine creation on as tight as I could make it. I reached back and pulled the middle two tabs until I had taken my waist in about 2 ", but there was still a lot of slack at the top and bottom, so I fiddled around until I figured out how to tighten the top, then the bottom & pull the slack to the middle. Then I would take the slack out by pulling with all the strength I had & start over. It was getting very snug, but I needed it to make my waist smaller yet to fit into that dress of my step-mom's sister as she wore very tight girdles or corsets & was pretty skinny anyway. I needed to get another 2" off I thought to fit into it, so I got the idea of backing up to the door, putting the now long loops of cord around the outside doorknob & shutting the door. Now I could use my legs & body weight to pull out the slack & did I ever work at it! I was red in the face & all out of breath, but I was able to wrap the cords around my waist two and a half times before tying them off in a nice tight knot, another mistake. I felt as though I was being cut in half as I had taken about six or seven inches off my waist & the underwires were cutting into my chest pretty hard too. I pulled up the lose flesh to give me a feel of having real breasts.. I stuffed out the bra fully making the wool socks dig hard into my nipples, got into the petticoats & full slip, zipped it up the side, then pulled on the pretty dress. Using a safety-pin & string I pulled up the long zipper & did up the catch. then I went into the bathroom & made-up my face better then ever before, even plucking my brows a bit & curling my lashes for the first time! I used liquid eyeliner, blue eye-shadow, lots of mascara, did my brows with the liquid liner, used pink blush & a new  lipstick that she had just bought & only used once. It was a dark red with very litle shine, the color said "Cody 24 deep red" and I had to go over my lips three times before they were as dark as I wanted them, then I rubbed them together real good to get the big look I liked. This stuff felt different then any of the others I had used, but I thought nothing of it at the time, mistake number three. Now I pulled on the white satin gloves & buttoned the three buttons on each wrist just barely as the gloves were very tight also. Then I put on the hat & adjusted the veil over my face, it was the type with a fairly large netting so you could see my very feminine face quite well. I pranced around looking in all the mirrors & posing like a model. One thing was missing, I had seen photos of movie-stars & models like this but they had long cigarette holders to give them just the perfect look. Remember, this was 1953 & smoking was really the "in thing" for glamor. I knew the sister smoked & had some holders, so back into her room I minced. Sure enough, there in the top drawer was a foot long white holder, an open pack of cigarettes & a pink Zippo lighter. I could not help myself, I got a cig out of the pick, screwed it into the holder, put the mouthpiece between my waiting red lips through the veil, flicked the lighter after a few tries & held the flame up to the end of the cig as I inhailed. These were menthol cigarettes, new at the  time, can't remember the name, Larks maybe. I sucked in a good mouthfull just as the lighter slipped out of gloved hand and hit the floor, I gasped as I thought I would start a fire, but the lighter closed as it hit, but I sucked the smoke deep into my young lungs, I quickly pulled out the holder and coughed out a large cloud of smoke, I must have coughed for 5 minutes before I could catch my breath due to thesuper tight corselet & socks making me somewhat breathless anyway. I got myself under control & thought it would work it I took little puffs at a time, so I lit another cig and drew on it slowly this time. That worked much better, after finishing that one and working at blowing the smoke out in a nice thin stream, I did note that the mouthpieceof the holder did not have any lipstick stains on it like I would see on the butts of my step-mom's, but thought nothing much of it at the time.  I lit another and posed like I had seen all the ones do in Look & Life & on TV. I thought I looked as good as any of them, very pretty & sexy. Again I did not keep track of time & was on my third cig when the car pulled up. How was I going to get out of this getup in time, what about the smell of smoke in the air, what was I going to say if I got caught dressed like some gal ready to go on a hot date? I pulled on the hat, but I had used 4 hatpins to keep it from falling off, no good. I tried to get the gloves off, but the slippery fabric and my stiff fingers would not let me undo the buttons. I attempted to unzip the dress, but I could not work that either, the earrings were screwed on very tight & I could not work the little wheel. I tried to get to the heels that were killing my feet by this time, but found I could not bend enough to even reach them, try as I might. I was effectively locked into my feminine prison & the folks were minites from finding me! Stay tuned for more.

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Can't wait to hear how this went

I am awaiting more with baited breath.