A Boy's First Corset

I was just a little boy when I squeezed into my first corset. Actually it wasn't "my" corset.... it was my mother's. I loved the way it tight and mysterious. It thrilled me to see how it shaped me. Every move I made rubbed and tugged at me in places I didn't even know I had. My hips looked and felt so girlishly sexy. I stared at myself in the mirror, adjusting the straps breathlessly....
KaraSyrup KaraSyrup 36-40 11 Responses Jan 4, 2008

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I just love how they feel too so sexy!

Your description is sooo spot-on. Putting on a corset is sensuous and stared my love affair with them for many years.

Corsets can be quitesexy - I like the ones that have a zipper so when you lace it you just pull it on. The lace let you pull in the make a waist. Billi

Kara Syrup =cool read


Hello KaraSyrup,

since you started in corsets so young, I would be very interested to know, how have you progressed since then? Have you seen me in my corsets, under the photos under my profile?

Would love to hear more from you.

Always well corseted greetings, dieterhelmut

I have grown an interest in corsets and I'm going to look for one at a thrift shop to see if I get lucky so I can try one.

I have not worn one yet.But it is high on my list on the items I want to get in the the near future.

I hope when I do finally try it on that it shapes me to that fem form I want.

I wore my moms corset! I was 10 yo and I wore panties too.

How on earth did you lace it yourself?

Wow, that all sounds great. I have been wearing a shaping girddle for quit some time now, and feel lost without it. I like being qraped in a bra as well. I don't like leaving the house with out being dress properly.

Keep the stories coming.

oh i always wanted a corset im 14