Corset Lover

I wore my first corset (my mother's) at age 11.  I was "hooked".  Fortunately (?) I never got caught.   Later, My wife let me wear hers and I have worn them ever since.  Of course I also wear nylons etc and all the crossdressr goodies.  My present corset is a custom made backlaced all-in-one 23 inches long.  I frequently sleep in it.  Being retired, any day when the weather is inclement I am corseted. I enjoy doing the housework corseted and dressed as Nina.  I just can't get enough.  I would love to meet someone, male or female, who enjoys corseting as I do.  As a passtime I amuse myself writing stories about corseted males.  I have over forty and climbing.  A few of them are scattered around the web.  Avoid stress, wear a dress.

02/18/08 I have been wearing my corset for 14 hours and it is time to return to my male status (ugh).  I absolutely dread having to take it off.  If I had my way I would wear it 24/7/365.  If anyone is interested in reading my corset stories, let me know.  Free, no strings attached.

02/21/08  My biggest thrills were sharing with my wife.  I would love it when she would hold me and run her hands over my corseted body.  She also liked to run her hands over my nylon covered legs.  It's been many years but sometimes I can still feel her caress, in my mind.  For many years I tried to get her to wear a corset but she didn't care for them, "too restrictive".  However she didn't mind restricting me, for which I am very thankful.

03/07/08  Today, for the first time in years, I managed to tighten my corset completely.  I do not like to have a gap in the lacing, it looks unsightly and doesn't feel nice when I reach around and run my hands over the lacing.  Getting the edges to meet is not an easy task.  It would be great if I had someone to lace me up.  It might also be a very interesting experience for both of us.

03/11/08  I laced myself nice and tight at about 8:00 PM last evening. and dressed as Nina.  About 11:00 I removed my dress and slipped a nighty over my corset and retired.  I love wearing my corset and nylons to bed and frequently do so. I have done this for many years with my wife's OK. The feel of the tight corset subconciously induces the "most pleasant" dreams.  Many of my fantasies seem to come true in these dreams. One day I may relate a few.

PS: It's now 10:30 AM and I am still laced and dressed as Nina.  After nearly twelve hours of tight-lacing There is virtually nothing I wouldn't do to someone, female or ????

03/15/08  I spent another wonderful night sleeping in the embrace of my corset, long rubber skirt and shoulder length rubber gloves (check the picture).  I was lucky; last night my rest was puntuated by two wonderful dreams. My favorite one was of me with my wife (deceased).  As was my habit in real life, I wore my corset to bed with her.  She always encouraged me to do so because I would spend the night with my head between her soft thighs.  The other dream was a bit crazy and involved me visiting my in-laws wearing only my corset, nylons and heels, and trying not to have them see me. The craziest part occured when I was seated in their living room and ma-----ted in front of them.  The dreams were most enjoyable even though I had to change the bedding this morning.  PS; I'm still wearing the outfit and it's 10:08 AM, CDT.

Please note:  My other album, Crossdresser pictures, was inadvertently marked private, hence no visitors. That has been corrected.  Check it out.

Does anyone like to read my diary or should I give it up?

03/18/08  No comments so I will continue.  I spent another wonderful night sleeping in my corset. I have been heterosexual all of my life but lately my dreams have taken on a slant toward the alternate lifestyle.  Last night was no exception.  In my dream I went to a shop that caters to crossdressers.  The clerk was an older. tall, attractive CD.  We started chatting and one thing led to another.  We adjorned to a fitting room and began hugging and kissing.  I was elated to find that she too was tightly laced.  The sight and feel of a CD in a corset is always exciting.  She/he was no exception.  I ran my eager hands over her smooth nylon covered legs.  Before long I was on my knees.  Sadly at that moment I woke up.  Hopefully, the next time I won't.  Would I like my dream to come true?  I'm really not sure what I would do in a realife similar situation. 

It's almost noon.  I suppose I should change into drab and do something useful.  I have to put up an Easter windsock.  What ever would the neighbors think if good old straight Ken was seen climbing a ladder on his front porch wearing a short skirt and nylons?

03/21/08  Last night was disappointing.  I was all set to lace up my corset and discovered that the bottom hook was about to fall off.  As my readers know my corset is very long and has three hooks below the front busk (and three above).  I suppose I could have worn it and not hooked the thing but that would put a strain on the next one up and start a domino effect incident.  So, I changed my mind.  I was so upset that I forgot that I have another corset stashed away.  I'm saving it for the time when this one wears out.  Any way, I have just finished reattaching the hook and will enjoy my corset later on today.  "later on" may be sooner.  I'm getting excited thinking about it.

03/24/08  My repair job is working just fine (see previous entry).  As usual I am laced tightly and dressed as Nina as I type this entry.  I am wearing a short leather skirt and am having trouble resisting temptation.  It seems my garters are showing and I keep wanting to run my hands over my nylon covered legs.  It's too cold and messy to do my yard work so I think I will spend the rest of the day indoors in my favorite clothes.  Saturday I wrote another of my stories.  It's about a modern day Cinderella.  Interested?

03/26/08   I just put on my corset about twenty minutes ago.  I don't lace it tightly at first.  I let it "settle in" for a while Which I am doing as I write this.  I have also checked my email and flickr so It's about time to take a short break and tighten it up.

Five minutes later. Ahh that feels so good.  You have to wear one of these and get used to wearing one in order to appreciate the fabulous sensation of having your body tightly  embraced from top to bottom.  Even the absolute rigidity feels wonderful.  Every moment you have it on it reminds you that you are no longer emotionally a male.  I wish I had slept in it.  Oh well, there's always tonight.

I think I had better get dressed.  I love just sitting around wearing my corset, nylons and heels but it's a bit chilly this morning.  My long sleeved black dress might be nice.

03/28/08  I've had many things to do around the house that precluded me from dressing up for the last few days.  I finally had an opportunity last night and slept in my corset.  This morning I decided to be Nina for a while.  I decided a long time ago that whenever I do housework that is not too physically demanding (it's not easy wearing a stiff corset), I will do as Nina.  So far I have made breakfast, changed the bedding and sorted my clean laundry items.  Now I am writing my diary entry.  Soon I will have to revert back to Ken as I have a luncheon appointment.  It is wonderful to dress like a lady even for a short while.  To those who are just starting out and even those veteran crossdressers and corset lovers I say, "It only gets better as time goes by".  Later this afternoon I will become Nina once more and remain so until tomorrow morning.

03/29/08  I said it and I did it.  Shortly after returning from my luncheon (more about that) I laced my corset and became Nina once again.  That was about four PM.  I slept in my corset and it is now seven thirty AM.  It was a wonderful night.  I had numerous delightful dreams of being crossdressed.  I woke up with a raging ---------.  I will address that problem later: no sense spoiling the mood.  I would like to spend the whole day as Nina but on Saturdays there is a very good chance that one of my children or a friend may stop by in the afternoon.  I would hate to get caught, or would I?  After I become Ken again I will go to the local CD hangout, a transformation shop, and pick up some much needed makeup.  It cheaper at Walmart but no  embarassment  Meanwhile I'll enjoy my day as Nina. 

The friend I had luncheon with is also a CD, the only one I know except for the sales person in the transformation shop.  He is almost as old as I and just as unattractive.  If he looked like the shopkeeper I could go for him.  He seems to be attracted to me.   He calls me all the time and has expressed a desire to "tighten my corset".  Should I let him have his thrill?  I would love to have a young, pretty Cd make that offer.

03/31/08  Today is what I call, "A Nina day".  It's raining and generally unpleasant.  I can't work on my yard so I can spend the day dressed as Nina and putter around the house.   If anyone stops by I just won't answer the door. I'ts also a bit on the chilly side so my corset feels all warm and cozy.  I might even try writing another story. (If interested in reading some go to and look for Nina)

I might call my friend (see 3/29 entry) and take him up on his offer to "tighten my corset".  I normally keep it fully tightened with the lacing closed, but I can always loosen it so he can have his thrill.  Evening might be better.  After a few Manhattans and very dim lights, well?  As Ben Franklin is credited with observing, "All cats look alike in the dark".

I just might also check the web for a red dress. I love red. I don't have one but would love to have one.  The only red item I have is a combination robe (short) and nightie that I regularly wear to bed.  I have a pic of it that I will post if I can find it.

I decided to scrap the friend's invitation.

04/01/08  Today is April Fool's Day and I'm sure if my family or friends saw me today dressed as Nina they would think of me as a fool or worse.  If only people were more tolerant.

When I awoke this morning a quick look out the window at the rain convinced me that today is a Nina day.  By 7 AM I was tightly laced and my stockings were gartered.  I had some things to mail so I remporarily slipped my male trousers and a jacket on and drove to the post office.  As soon as I got home i removed those disgusting male things.  How I would love to have gone out as Nina.   I tightened my corset to the max (laces closed) and dressed en fem.  It is now noon and I am still Nina and typing this entry.  I'm wearing a short black leather skirt with a front slit that is making it hard (no pun) to keep my eyes on the keyboard.  I just love to look at nylon covered legs ,mine or anyone's.  I have to pause from time to time and feel the smooth nylon and touch the garters.  I think I will spend the whole day as Nina.  

I have abandoned the idea of seducing my CD friend.  Of course if he wants to lace my corset that's ok but only that. That shop keeper I mentioned the other day is my current dream. 

Mmmm my legs feel nice.  I just close my eyes and imagine it's someone else.

04/06/08  After I finished working around my yard I showered and laced myself into my corset and donned all the trimmings.  My back was sore from all the bending. so it felt especially good.  I would love to wear my corset when I'm working around the yard but it's not suited for strenuous activities.  After a small supper, the corset precludes "pigging out", I reveled in it as I watched TV.  I enjoyed a couple of cocktails.  I have found that a slightly elevated alcohol level seems to enhance the pleasurable feelings associated with being Nina.  Bedtime is imminent as I write this so I am now wearing my nightie (with my corset of course) and will hit the hay as soon as I finish.  I hope the corset will bring a few "pleasant" dreams as it usually does.  I must find a pic of Nina in her nightie and corset for posting. 

I have a wish.  I wish that more people would get interested and contribute to this site.  Maybe with Girdles and More, and The Crossdresser Forum closing down things will pick up.

04/07/08 As I said I would, I slept in my corset last night and had one nice dream.  I am still wearing it but not for long.  My senior club meets today and I have to revert back to Ken.  If only I had the nerve to attend dressed as Nina.  I'm not passable  but then most of the GGs aren't either. Ha,Ha.

It's supposed to rain this evening and tomorrow so I can't work on my yard.   I think I will take advantage of it and spend the night and tomorrow as Nina.  AVOID STRESS, WEAR A DRESS.

04/08/08  Yesterday I made the mistake of deciding to launder my corset.  While good for the corset it was bad for me.  It took until this morning to dry.  When I awoke I was ecstatic to find I could put it on.  I Am now tightly laced and dressed as Nina.  Its tight embrace feels so wonderful.  It's getting ready to rain so, since I can't work in the yard.  I will be Nina all day.  I think I will change and put on my very short rubber mimi-skirt (check my Crossdresser picture album, first pic in second row).  The rubber feels so nice to the touch and makes it easy to caress my nylon covered legs from time to time. 

If you look at my Corset picture album you will see a new one of my other corset.  Why didn't I just wear it while the other one dried you may ask?  I tried but as I was  tightening it the laces broke.  I must make a note to get a new lace.  It may surprise you but it takes almost forty feet (over twelve meters) of lacing cord (this is not the first time I've broken a lace).

Be sure and check the newly added corset picture and check my crossdresser album for some new pics of Nina.  Does one have to be crazy to love wearing corsets and dressing as a female?  If one does, then I am.

        1:08 PM CDT  This may be a first.  Nina just finished her income tax nightmare dressed as Nina.  It did seem to make an unpleasant task a little less so. (Until I wrote the check and thought of all the CD "goodies" I could have bought with it.)

04/09/08   I again slept in my corset last night.  I had a couple of nice dreams, mmmm.  Today was a normal Nina day.  It was very chilly so I decided to stay inside and spend the day as Nina.  Shortly after noon the sun came out and I felt I should do something useful so with great reluctance I changed into Ken and did some yard work.  In stories, mine and others, they always mention how unpleasant it feels when a corset is removed after a prolonged wear session.  They are right.  For a while one feels like an unwatered plant looks: all floppy and limp.  However I always manage to live through it.  I fully intend to change back to Nina this evening and spend the night and tomorrow morning snuggly laced and wearing something pretty.  Should I wear my five inch heel ankle boots? white or black (see pictures in CD album)?  My rubber skirt and long gloves might be nice.  I'll probably watch telly or surf the web.  I would much prefer to have someone, a pretty CD or GG, corseted of course, to snuggle.  Oh well.

I can't believe how long my "diary" has become.  Perhaps it's time to quit?

04/10/08  Today is another  Nina day, cold and rainy.  I'll be able to be Nina all day without feeling I'm shirking my yard chores.  I slept in my corset as I love to do.  I will have to take it off briefly for a BR function.  Then I will immediately recorset.  I did wear my ankle boots and rubber things last evening but have now replaced them with more functional clothing.  One drop of grease from preparing breakfast would be fatal to the skirt and traversing stairways in 5 inch heels is risky at best. 

Thanks to my friends who have commented on my writings.  It's interesting to me that there are three times as many viewers of my Corset Story as there are of my Crossdresser Pages.  I guess there are a lot more corset lovers.

A bit of worthless trivia: My record for continuous corset wear (with two 5 minute BR breaks) is 42 hours.

       12:30 PM CDT  I just added a close-up picture of my corset in my Corset photo album.  Check the  comments with the picture.

04/12/08   Nina was off yesterday but I am back today.  Actually she returned about 6 PM yesterday.  I had the pleasure of spending the night tightly laced.  This morning the first thing I did was snug up my corset.  Even thought one tightens them as much as possible They seem to loosen a bit as one wears them.  I'm fussy, I like the laces fully closed.  It's another rainy day so I will stay dressed until mid afternoon.  Then I have to return to being Ken (ugh).  I am going to a grand daughter's birthday party.   I wish my family knew of my crossdressing.  It would be dreamy to go to family gatherings as Nina but they are very homophobic..  As soon as I get home I intend to dress up again.  I can't get enough. 

04/14/08  I ate too much the other night and didn't feel up to wearing a corset.  I made up for it last night.  I dressed about 7 PM, slept in it and am still dressed as Nina.  I will have to revert to being Ken as soon as I eat breakfast.  It's finally a nice day and Ken has all sorts of yard work to do.    "Let's go laces and do strings". 

04/21/08  I haven't written lately because no one seems interested in my ramblings.  I'll try again today.

At this moment I am Nina, all laced nice and tight.  I will remain this way until 10:30 AM when I have to become Ken and attend my senior club meeting.  I often wonder (and wish I could do it) what they would say if I showed up as Nina- bad scene no doubt.  I haven't had breakfast yet.  I love to putter around in the kitchen as Nina.  It seems natural to do feminine things when dressed en fem.  I think that after the meeting I will visit a retail shop and see it I can find a red dress and some matching  shoes.  I like high heeled sandals, they seem sexy.

04/29/08  I did not find a red dress.  i guess I will have to spend the money and buy a new one.  I'm having a biy of trouble writing this (see my new picture).  I love to look at stocking tops, mine or others, and this skirt is up to my garters.  I have to stop typing once in a while and run my hands over my thighs.  It feels so nice and reminds me of years back when my wife would fondle them.

I almost had a problem lacing my corset this morning.  I had one of my very sensual dreams** just before I awoke this morning.  I always put on my stockings before I lace up. They anchor the corset in place.   As I fastened the garters to the loose corset I knew it was going to be a "bad" day.  I began methodically lacing my corset and as usual reveled in the sensations as I felt its embrace becoming tighter and tighter.  Soon it tightly gripped me from thighs to armpits.  It feels so good as it pressed against my pubic region.  Just before the finall tightening I reach down the front and drew the "tummy" flesh up and into the waiting bra cups.  Then I hooked the front hooks and give the laces a final go-around.  Ahh, they meet.  It feels heavenly.  Only by sheer will power do I refrain from doing what come naturally.  The longer one waits the more wonderful it finally feels.

** A brief resume of my dream;  I was a small boy.  When I put on my corset as mom always allowed, I had my first--------.  I rushed down stairs blurting out, " Mommy, what's happening to me?"  I didn't realize mom had a neighbor lady visiting.  The lady examined it and commented on how large it was for a small boy.  The she said "Since you don't know what it is, you obviously don't know what to do with it.  Let me show you".  Then, in front of my mother she proceeded to massage it.  It felt like nothing I had ever experienced, wonderful.  Sadly at that point I awoke.  I will never know whether the lovely lady would invite me over and repeat the episode.

05/07/08  Hey, Nina's back.  Sorry for my neglect in writing but I have been busy with my yard chores.  More importantly, I'm not sure many folks read it.  Anyway as usual I am tightly laced and definitely not ready for heavy work. I do enjoy doing housework, cooking, dusting, laundry etc when dressed as Nina.  It seems like the natural thing to do. 

I've been hoping I would finish the dream but no such luck.  Maybe I'll use it for the theme of a new story.  Hmmm, Just the thought of a young boy being laced into a tight corset and fondled by an older woman makes me quiver all over.  What do you think?  Should I write one?

05/10/08  I slept in my corset last night.  That's always a wonderful experience.  I have just fnished tightening it.  It always seems to loosen when I sleep in it.  Anyway it is now nice and snug and feels wonderful.  Pause to finish dressing.  I am now wearing my knee length black leather skirt and a red/black sweater that used to belong to my wife.  I love to wear her things, it brings back memories. One of my favorites is of her gently tracing her finger tips over my nylon covered thighs.  Some evenings she would do it for hours as we sat and watched TV or listened to music.  She would also like to rub my nylon covered feet, especially the arch area.  I, in turn, would reciprocate by massaging her body with my rubber gloved hands.  The next is too intimate to describe except to say it began with me kissing her soft thighs.  Why am I reminiscing?  Next Thursday (5/15) marks her passing away.

Before I work myself into a fit of remorse I think I will fix breakfast and straighten up the house.  I rather enjoy doing women's work when I am dressed as Nina.  In seems the proper thing to do.   Perhaps my CD friend will stop by.  I alway enjoy seeing the look on his face when I purposely let my skirt creep up to my stocking tops.  I often wonder what he is thinking.  He wears loose trousers so there is no way of telling.  if he ever makes a move what should I do?  (See picture and caption)

05/12/08  I'm in an exceptional "mood" this morning.  Yesterday (Sunday) I was visiting and didn't have a chance to be Nina until last night.  As soon as I got home I laced myself up and watched TV for a while.  Then I retightened my corset, slipped on my nighty and retired.  It was heavenly to wake up this morning and feel my body rigidly embraced.  As soon as I finish writing this I will slip on a skirt and bl;ouse and make breakfast.  Yes, I'm typing this wearing just my corset, nylons and heels.  I get a strange thrill from looking at my legs and occasionally feeling them.  i think the word is narcistic.  I intend to remain as Nina until noon.  Then, sadly, I will revert back to Ken and do some yard choirs.  Sometimes I wish I were a real woman and could wear a corset and nylons all the time. 

I didn't start the story I was contemplating writing as yet. I'm getting my imagination wound up.  I think I'll call it KEN'S DREAM since that is what it will be.  I wish people could read my stories.  I have a DVD with over 60 stories on it.  Nina is a busy little bee.  Maybe I should get a web site.

5/23/08  I've been gone for a while.  I have been trying to catch up on my yard work so Nina has been absent.  Today is a chilly day and looks like rain so I decided to take a break and become Nina.  Today my corset is fully closed and feels wonderful.  I am once again wearing my favorite short leather skirt and my pink knit sweater. 

If anyone is interested both Nina and Ken will be 82 on Monday (5/26).  I have been reminiscing a bit lately.  I wished I still had my delightful rubber corset.  It was the same length as the one I am wearing.  It had a 12 inch long jaced rubber inner belt.  When both the belt and the corset were tightly laced the feeling was indescribable.  I would then don my rubber stockings and shoulder length rubber gloves and spend many enjoyable evenings.  I also dream of sitting with my lovely wife and can almost feel her finger tips caressing my nylon clad thighs.  Those days are gone forever but the memories linger on.  As long as I can still dress up I am happy.

I may take a new picture later on today showing the outfit I'm wearing.  I think it will be a side shot.  It shows my pudgy figure a bit better.  Watch for it.

05/28/08  Did you check my latest picture?  Today it was 40 degrees F when I woke up.  Since it is too cold to work outside I did what I like best.  I slipped inro my corset, tightened it as much as possible and became Nina.  After reading the paper and letting the corset "settle" I closed the laces so it is good and tight, just the way I like it.  as soon as I finish writing this I will eat breakfast and take care of the household chores.  I love doing them "en corset".  Every movement is a constant reminder that I am wearing it.  I love wearing a very long corset.  the feeling of it "cupping" one's butt and the long front busk pressing against the pubic area is indescribable. It has to be experienced.  I suppose the short ones most CDs wear are nice and allow more freedom of motion but I'll still take my long one.

05/30/08  I had the pleasure of sleeping in my corset last night.  It is a wonderful feeling to awaken to it's firm embrace.  The first thing I did this morning was to make sure the laces were closed.  The I slipped on a skirt, blouse, shoes and wig.  I don't bother with makeup during the day.  First of all no one who knows me as Nina will stop by.  Secondly, I have a tendency to forget I'm wearing it and after I return to being Ken am liable to go to the store.  How embarassing that would be!!!  It is raining today so I will remain laced until noon.  I have a luncheon appointment with my CD friend and will go as Ken.  How I wish I could go as Nina but not being passable puts that to rest.  As soon as I have breakfast I think I will surf flickr and find more lovely CD pictures to add to my collection.  I prefer the "au natural" ones.  The corseted CD pics are nice also.  A combination is fabulous.  I have hundreds burned on a DVD.  I love to be dressed and sit back and put them on "Slide Show".

Mentioning going to the store brought back a pleasant memory.  I had gone to Sears for some hosiery.  I took my selection to the cashier's station.  I'm always a bit embarassed at this point.  The cashier was a very attractive middle aged lady.  as she rang up my purchase she smiled and asked, "Are these for you?"  I was too flustered at that point to answer.  I often wonder what she would have said if I said, "yes".  I did notice she wasn't wearing a wedding ring.  In retrospect it might have turned into an interesting situation.  Some women like CDs.  My wife did.

05/31/08  After I returned from my luncheon appointment I read my mail and got redressed in my corset, nylons and a short brown dress.  That was about 3:PM.  It is now 9:00 AM the next day and I am still corseted.  I spent the night wearing a cream colored long nylon nighty over my corset.  It was heavenly-such interesting dreams.  I wish they were real.   I am now wearing a red sweater and a black skirt, light smoke colored nylons and my red medium heels.  Being quite old I find my walk is shakey in my five inch spikes.  When I finish this I will read my newspaper, eat breakfast, maybe reverse order, and then sadly revert back to Ken.  By the it will probably be about 11AM.  I will have spent 20 hours in my dear corset.  Not a record but certainly what I call "great living".

I started on the new story I mentioned (see my 4/29 entry) some time ago.  It is not for the pure of heart.  In fact it is down right raunchy.  It's amazing how wearing a corset can influence one's thought line.  I wish all of you could read it, and my others. 

06/03/08  I didn't feel like working around the yard today so I laced up my corset first thing this morning and am enjoying it.   It feels soooo good.  I also put on a new pair of stockings.  I always love a new pair.  They are nice and tight.  They are also initially shorter so they pull delightfully on my suspenders (garters).   I will probably take my corset off around noon since I have some errands to run.  Until then I will probably work on my story.  It is really hot.  As I write it I have trouble keeping my mind on writing???

06/12/08  My gosh, I didn't realize it's been so long since I made an entry here.  I've been busy working around the yard and haven't had time to dress up.  I guess I could have slept in my fem things but then the next day I don't want to take them off and I don't get anything done.  This morning I had an all consuming desire to wear my corset so here I am, laced to the tightest and practically swooning in ecstasy.  There is no sensation like the one from wearing a tight corset, at least to me.  The pressure all over my torso fells exquisite. I must not go so long without it.

I finished my story (XXX) the other day.  Even though I wrote it I still got "excited" proof reading it.  It is now cataloged and saved to a DVD (actually it's on two for safety).  I wish I could share them.  I now have 61 stories ranging from PG to XXX.  Am I depraved or what?

I think I'll remain Nina until noon.  I still have to read my newspaper and make breakfast.  I'll probaly spend the rest of the morning just enjoying my tightlaced status and occasionally running my hands over my corseted body and nylon covered legs.  I don't know why I do it but I sure enjoy it.

06/16/08  I sometimes think I've "flipped out".  Last night the temperature really dropped and I awoke feeling chilly.  Did I pull up a blanket or close the windows? No.  I did get up and put on my corset, nylons and long nightie.  I am still in my corset but have traded the nightie for a skirt and blouse.  Since I have to go to a luncheon at noon I won't be able to putter around my yard so I will just stay as Nina until I have to get ready to go out.  I wish I could attend as Nina but my fellow senior citizens attending the luncheon  would probably lynch me or at least ostracize me.  The female members would probably be jealous of my prim, corseted figure.  Most of them look like sacks of potatoes.  It's a great sensation to awaken as Nina and spend a morning fixing breakfast, reading my paper and straightening up the house.  When you work around the house in a tight corset, nylons and heels you are constantly reminded that you are dressed as a female.  If you've never tried it you're missing out on a tremendously thrilling experience, at least in my opinion.  I just finished watering my houseplants.  They are in my large picture window.  I should have pulled the drapes.  I wonder if anyone saw me?  Te he.

06/23/08  Not much going on.  Nina has not been around for a while.  When the weather is nice I like to be outside working or sitting and having a friendly drink.  Today I cleaned out my wishing well and pond on my outdoor railroad, transplanted some things and watered my gardens.  You just can't do those things wearing a corset!!!  During the winter and on cold or rainy days I usually dress up.  Needless to say (I hate that phrase.  If it's needless to say, why say it?) I do miss it though.  Cheerio

06/24/08  Well, I'm not missing it today.  It's raining so I will be staying inside today.  I am laced up as I type this.  As soon as I finish I will give my corset its final tightening.  I always wear it a bit loose for a while to let it "settle in".  Then I close the lacing.  Were only talking about a half inch but that last bit feels so good.  I wish I had someone to do it for me.  I think I will wear my summer flowered, yellowish skirt/ blouse combo and white shoes.  My thighs look so smooth and silky peeking out from under the computer desk.  I may have to stop typing and give them a feel.  I'd better not.  It's been a while since I dressed last and I'm more than a bit excited.  I think I will stay dressed at least until noon.   Longer if it keeps raining.

My indoor plants need their weekly watering.  They are in front of my picture window.  Naughty me frequently waters them wearing just my corset and nylons with the drapes open.  I get a strange thrill doing it.  I don't know if anyone has ever seen me.  I guess not.  My neighbors still talk to me.  Well, I guess it's time to sign of, tighten my corset,  read my newspaper and ----?.

Addendum.  It's now 1:00PM and I am still dressed as Nina.  I'm not getting any chores done, too hard to bend but who cares.  My laces are fully closed and It feels heavenly.  Since I wasn't working I decided to wear my long (shoulder length) rubber gloves to complete the fetish sensations (typing can be a chore when ones hands are encased in a tight-fitting rubber glove).  I would love to stay this way forever.  When I'm dressed this way I love to recall the many memorable evenings my dear wife and I would spend with me dressed as Nina enjoying a libation or two and some soft music before retiring.  Check my latest picture.  The gloves go all the way to my armpits.

06/30/08  I spent a pleasant night sleeping in my corset.  I just finished tightening it as it always loosens a tiny bit over night.  As soon as I finish with this entry I will read my paper and then have breakfast.  Being tightly laced greatly reduces my food intake.  I never lose weight but I never gain either.  I don't really want to lose because then my corset will not fit tightly. 

I may not stay in feminine garb too long this morning.  It's a great day and I have many things to do outside.  Saturday when I cut my lawn I missed a patch about two lawnmowers wide.  The rains came before I could cut it and it looks like H---.  It's right on the parkway.  My garden needs weeding.  That requires extensive bending and my corset precludes strenuous activities  I suppose I could slip on my male outer clothes and just take care of the grass.  A loose shirt should hide the chest "problem".  As you may have noticed in my pictures, the corset has bra cups and my chubby body fills them quite well.

It's rather strange.  I have reached a point with my crossdressing and tightlacing where it does not particularly excite me sexually.  I just like to do it.  It feels wonderful and almost normal.  Does anyone else feel that way or am I an exception?  When I was younger I would get excited just thinking about lacing my corset.  Even the sight of it was "stimulating".  Now I can wear it all day and casually take it off without a second thought like a woman might have done when they wore them.  I would be interested in any comments.

07/08/08   Rain was predicted for today so last night I laced up and slept in my corset.  It did and does feel wonderful.  The first thing I did this morning was to make sure the lacing was cinched as tightly as possible.  Since it is very warm and threatening rain I shall stay as Nina until noon or maybe even later.   I haven't dressed as yet; I'm still wearing my black shorty night gown. It's delightfully naughty as It lets me peek at my nyloned legs as I sit at the computer or read my paper.  I'll have to check and see if I have a picture of the nightie in case anyone is interested. 

Has anyone ever read about ladies of old who complained that their tightly laced corsets would sometime make a creaking sound when they moved?  Well it's not fiction.  Mine do and its delightful to hear.  It's not loud but definitely audible.  It's a constant reminder, as if I needed one, that I am corseted.

PS:  I just added a couple of pictues of my nightie.

07/11/08   Once again I spent the night as Nina, encased in my corset.  The weather is rainy so I will be spending the morning as Nina also.   If only it were possible to spend the rest of my days as Nina.  Of course I would need a wardrobe of custom made corsets to support the lifestyle.  The thought of lacing myself up everyday, just like the ladies of long ago, is exciting.  Having someone to lace me, a wife, a maid or a good friend would be even better.   When my wife was with me she would on occasion do the honors.  The only problem with CDing every day is the fact that I don't get anything done around the house.  Strenuous activity when tightly laced is just not feasible.  Besides that restriction It's far more pleasant to just relax, do little things and revel in the wonderful sensations I feel when tightly corseted.   On Fridays I do lunch with a friend who is interested in CDing.  It would be wonderful to have lunch wearing my corset under my male attire.   Better yet would be wearing a dress.  Along that thought line, I frequently day dream of attending my senior club in drag.  Just imagine the sensation that would create!!  However since I'm not passable these remain but dreams.

07/18/08  I awoke this morning after experiencing a night of delightful dreams. This was, to me. remarkable because it usually only happens when I wear my corset to bed.  One in particular fascinated me.  It involved  corseting my wife when we were just married.  This is something that I always wanted but never happened.  In the dream she secretly purchased a very long corset, similar to the one I always wear.   One evening just after I laced myself into my corset she called me to the bedroom.  She was a vision of loveliness as she stood in front of me, nude with the corset draped loosely over her shoulders.  At the sight I was visibly excited.  She noticed and said, "There's time for that later: lace me tightly first".  When I finished I drew nylons on her legs and fastened them to the corset garters.  She felt wonderful as I fondled her corseted body for a moment or two and then we succumbed to the passion of the moment.

That dream was preceeded by one in which my mother decided I was to be her daughter.  In the dream I was about 12 or 13.  She had me undress and within minutes I was laced into a long corset she had custom made for me.  It was uncomfortable at first but soon came to feel "nice".  She helped me with my stockings.  I was provided with three inch heels that after a half hour or so with her help managed to walk in them.  The sensations were wonderful.  I  was told that my dad was in full agreement with her plan and that I would never wear boy's things again.  My best friend walked in just then and  was fascinated with his new girl friend.  he couldn't keep his hands off my corset and soon "had his way"with me as I knelt in front of him.

By the time I woke up I couldn't wait to lace myself up and record these thoughts.  Since it is a dreary, rainy day I think I will spend most of it as Nina.

I notice many people view my "diary" but do any of them enjoy reading my musings?

08/09/08  Good grief, I hadn't realized it has been so long since my last entry.  I haven't done anything exciting.  Come to think of it, I never do.  I continue to wear my corset to bed.  On rainy days, and we haven't had many lately, I dress as Nina at least part of the day.  I wish I were passable so I could enjoy the outside world as Nina.  Oh well, It feels wonderful to wear my corset as often as I can, even in my solitude.  I do have a friend with whom I share my closet secret.  he has no "appeal" to me but it's nice to just sit and visit.  I do like to tease him however by wearing a short skirt and showing lots of leg.  On  occasions he has stopped in rather early in the morning when I'm wearing only my corset and stockings with or without a filmy nighty.  I can tell by the look on his face that he likes what he sees.  If he didn't, why would he continue stopping by?


08/12/08  Wow, Am I in a mood or what?  Right after supper last night I laced up, sat at the computer and wrote another story.  That one is my 62nd story of lads wearing corsets and dressing up.  I wish I more people could get to read them. But I am digressing a bit.  I wore my corset all evening after finishing the story.  Since it was now quite late I made (yeh sure- made?) myself sleep in it as I frequently love to do.  Well here I am the next morning after a night full of "pleasant" dreams.  right now I wish one of those lovely CDs I see on flickr would ring my bell, literally and figuratively.  I am hot to trot!!!!!

I think I may have mrntioned it before but some of my tamer stories can be found at  .  If one iooks closely at the site one might find something of interest about Nina.

Since I have nothing planned for the day I think I will stay as Nina until perhaps noon or later.  By the way, today I am wearing my above the knee black leather skirt, pink knit sweater, spike heels and of course my corset and flesh colored nylons, tightly gartered.  Next on my agenda is to read my paper and then fix breakfast.  After that I will see what flickr has to offer today.  If interested I am on flickr as "cd lover".  Look me up.


08/15/08  I didn't sleep in my corset last night but that didn't keep me from having an erotic dream or two.  As a result I woke up feeling very horny this morning and just had to get laced up.  It feels so good when I have it snugged good and tight.  I always hate to take it off.  In addition to the corset I am wearing a summery two piece outfit and white medium heels.  I'm in a mood to write a triple X story today.  The last one I wrote was a tame one to be included in a British magazine.  The one I may write today would make a Penthouse editor blush.  I particularly enjoy writing the latter type.  Sometimes I get so stimulated writing them that I have to take a break and "relieve" the tension.  I wish I could share them with others.  I think I had better sign off and eat breakfast befote it gets too late.  I enjoy making breakfast and doing household chores as Nina.  When dressed, it just seems like the normal thing to do.

08/20/08  Well, the old corset fanatic is back.  My laces are closed, my stockings are tightly gartered and I love it.  At the moment I am typing this wearing only the garments just mentioned.  The sight of my nylon clad legs and corset is too exciting to cover them with a skirt or dress.  Oh, I am also wearing my 3 1/2 inch red heels.  There was a time, not too long ago, that I wore 5 and 6 inch heels regularly but the old body is getting frail.   My favorite were my knee high, black patent lace-up boots with 5 inch heels..  I still get goosebumps thinking about them.  It was necessary to put my nylons on and lace my boots before getting into my corset.  once the corset was on and laced there was no way I could lace the boots.  Bending in my corset is almost impossible.  Just think what those lovely ladies of 100 years ago went through every day, bless their tightly laced hearts.  Of course they had someone, a mom, a sister, a brother (?) or even a dad (?) to lace their corsets.  I wish I had someone.

As soon as I finish typing this I think I will slip into my long rubber skirt and shoulder length rubber gloves.  I would have put on the gloves earlier except it is impossible to type while wearing them.  It looks like rain so I may stay dressed most of the day.  I just bought an Audio CD Recorder so I may spend the morning recording some of my vinyl record collection.  My outlandish garb shouldn't interfere wirh doing that.  Unless of course my attire gets the best of my emotions!!!


08/27/08  Last night I slept in my corset again.  I had  one of my crazy dreams.  It was years ago and my wife and I were visiting her relatives.  I was at a family party wearing only my corset, nylons and heels.  Everyone was admiring my lovely corset and acting as though a corseted male was a normal thing (wish it was).   Suddenly my corset lace broke and I panicked worrying what they would think of me running around with a loose corset.  Sadly, I awoke before there was any resolution to my problem.

This morning I decided to be a lady in rubber.  I am now wearing my mid-calf length rubber pencil skirt, a pink knit sweater, rubber gloves (shoulder length) and of course nylons and heels.  I will have to check into buying some rubber stockings. They sound yummy.  It's not easy typing while wearing the gloves so there may be some wrong key strokes in this chapter.  Dressed this way  I have a feeling there will be some other strokes around here very shortly. tee hee.

Addendum to 08/27/08  It didn't happen yet (the "other" strokes that is).  I'm enjoying my dress-up session too much.  I took a few pictures that I am adding to my albums.  Please check them out. I have added a back view of my long skirt.  Note how it clings to my tightly corseted derierre. I also threw in a couple of leg shot showing my red heels.  If you wonder why I wear latex gloves over my long black ones, it's for protcstion.  Long rubber gloves are very expensive and don't react well to grease etc. from eating breakfast.  I would also like to add that I have been mincing around in my long rubber skirt for several hours and absolutely love the  crinkling sound it makes.

I would love it if a few viewers would make  comments occasionally.  Apparently only a very few enjoy reading my diary and viewing my pictures.  thanks a bunch to those who do.


08/29/08  I slept in my corset again last night and had several interesing dreams.  I'm presently wearing my rubber gloves (slept in them too) so bear with my typing.  The most vivid one was having my mother dress me as a girl.  I was about ten.  As you might expect, I was tightly corseted.  I was very happy and wanted to always dress.  When my dad came home from work he of course discovered my new status.  Instead of being angry, he was elated.  He hugged me saying, "I always wanted a daughter and now I have one".  As he hugged me he discovered my corseted body.  Again he was pleased, saying, "Your mother would never wear one but now I have you".  A shrink would have a field day with me.  Oh well, I might be crazy but I'm happy and harmless.  I should change into my male things in case a neighbor stops by but I love being Nina so much it takes a tremendous effort to take my lovely things off.

I noticed while surfing the web last night that someone added a link to Experiences and this diary specifically.  I hope the whole world logs on.

If anyone would like to read my short stories (over 60 from PG to XXX) give me your email address. If you like corsets you will love these.   I wish there was a forum in which I could just upload the entire story DVD.

09/01/08  Today I am upset.  I should be in good mood since I have been Nina since 6:00 PM yesterday (fifteen wonderful hours).  The problem is I will soon have to change back to my (ugh) male self.  I never like to do it but today is worse than normal.  I had a lovely night sleeping in my corset and long nightie but as I slipped on my blouse and skirt I was overwhelmed by the desire to stay dressed all day.  I'll just have to make the best of the next few hours.  I also miss having someone to share it with.  It used to be very pleasurable to fix breakfast and eat with my wife as Nina.  Maybe after I eat I'll write another story; PG or X ?  I usually get "stimulated" when I write one and that should get me out of my bad mood.  I actually feel a bit more chearful since I started writing this entry.  After all there is tonight to look forward to and another many pleasurable hours of tighy lacing


09/02/08  I just spent another wonderful evening sleeping in my corset.  If you have never tried it, do so.  Be cautioned however, it is habit forming.  I didn't write another story.  i have so many and, with rare exceptions, I'm the only one who reads them.  It is supposed to rain.  We need it and it will keep me inside so I can stay dressed all day.  What a wonderful thought.  I don't know what the fascination of being laced into a stiff corset is but I sure love it.  I find it extremely pleasurable to run my hands over the front and feel the rigid busk.  I let my finger tips roam over the many stays.  I reach around the back and run my hands up and down the lacings and over my tight, rounded derierre.  Sometimes I try to imagine that I am fondling a corseted lady of my dreams like the one I mention in one of my other stories.  Other times I imagine that is is a lovely young  (or old) CD.  Now that would be an interesying experience.  I guess you could safely say I am obsessed with corsets.  That's why I write so many stories involving corsets and young men.  A shrink would have a field day analizing this old CD.  given enough time I'll bet I could convert him.  The thought converting a shrink and lacing him into a corset might make a fascinating story.

I'm planning a short car trip this fall to view the fall scenery.  I intend to take Nina's things along to break the solice of a lonely evening in the motel room.  If It is chilly I may wear my corset under my male clothes.  A jacket will hide the chest protuberences the it pushes up.

Addendum  After thinking about it I recalled a few more pleasant sensations that I derive from my corset.  It is, as you know, very long (see my pictures).  It covers my shoulder blades so that when I move my arms it reminds me it's there.  It covers my upper thighs so every step I take I can feel its presence.  It is very rigid so every time I bend it reminds me I am wearing it.  It exerts constant pressure on my pubic region.  Every move I make when corseted is a pleasant, constant reminder that I am corseted.  And of course when I sleep in it it induces the "nicest" dreams. I love every moment of it.  Even when not corseted I frequntly imagine I feel these sensations.  Care to join me in them?


09/05/08  Hi.  Today is another great day.  I have worn my corset for over 16 hours and love it.  I dread taking it off, I feel so limp for quite a while after.  I have read that if one is tightly corseted for a long period of time it is almost impossible to go with out it.  How I would love to find out.  Sadly, I will have to remove it and dress as Ken.  It has finally quit raining and I have some serious yard work to take care of.  Rest assured that I will be recorseted by late afternoon.  Except for doing heavy work I would love to wear it constantly.  Too bad society can accept gays but not crossdressers.  I can imagine what my neighbors and family would say if they saw me as Nina.  Oh well, in the solitude of my home I can do anything I want so I am taking advantage of any chance I get to lace up and become Nina.  Once in a while I get a foolish streak.  Yoday was one of those days.  I have some large plants in my picture window.  This morning I opened the draw drapes and proceeded to water the plants in full view of the world while dressed as Nina.  I also stepped out on my front stoop to retrieve my newspaper, then sat in full view of the picture window and read it.  A man's home is his castle, so they say; even if the man is a drag queen

This narrative is getting very long; maybe everyone is getting tired of it.  Is it time to quit? Comments?


09/06/08  Still no comments.  We egomaniacal CDs thrive on them.  It is now 11:15 CDT.  I have been corseted since 6:00 PM last night.  It's not a record but it is a wonderful experience.  When I'm all laced up and dressed as Nina I live in a fantasy world.  I have just finished surfing Flickr and found another CD love of my life.  He/she is probably number six or seven.  I love to download their pictures, put them into separate folders and "dream" about the at my leisure.  Today's obsession is an older "lady"  Who wears corsets and lavish gowns.  I usually review the folders just before retiring while dressed as Nina.  I alway hope I will dream about them but it is yet to happen.  I'm not knocking my other dreams, just wishing.  As soon as I finish this I will begrudgingly take off my corset and resume my "normal ?" life as Ken.

09/07/08  I have been wearing my corset since 5 PM yesterday (now 9:30 AM).  Statstically I am currently spending well over half of my life in a corset and feminine clothes on a daily basis.  If only it could be 100%.  However, not being passible and having intolerant family, friends and neighbors makes that little more than a wish.  A few CD "friends" would help but alas I have only one and he is even less passible thn me.  That brings to mind a dream I had a while back.  I hosted a CD slumber party.  Decency precudes further discussion.  I'm heterosexual but the idea has a strange fascination.  Am I perchance actually Bi or Bi-curious?  I will soon have to divest myself of my heavenly trappings and resume my Ken roll.   I must take a quick shower.  I wore my long rubber gloves all night.  While I find the lingering odor absolutely intoxicating, I doubt others do.  Some of my family are coming for a visit (barbeque) and I must get things ready.  I think I spelled barbeque wrong but it doesn't look correct with an a either.  If I hit spell check it will go through this entire narrative.  The corrections could take hours.  On the bright side I could spend more time as Nina.


09/11/08  I haven't made entries for several days.  That doesn't mean I haven't been dressing up.  Rather, I figured everyone is getting tired of my same old ramblings.  I have been lacing regularly and sleeping in my corset.  Lat night was no exception.  I am still dressed as I type this.  Today I am wearing my pink sweater and leather skirt with medium heel, black patent pumps.  Sometimes I think that at my age I should give up my crossdressing.  Those thoughts are confined to periods when I'm not dressed.  The minute my corset is laced and my nylons are gartered any thought of giving it up vanishes. Those of you who have never felt the exquisite sensation of a corset sqeezing your body and the smooth feel of nylons on your legs cannot possibly appreciate the thrill of dressing up en fem.  The sound of one's heels clicking on the floor is equally exciting.  It maybe wrong, it maybe crazy,  but it's wonderful.  If only society would accept crossdressing we CDs wouldn't have to cower in our homes like criminals.  Gays, who I consider far more extreme, are now fully accepted by law and the political scene.  Politicians even pander to them for their vote.  Yet CDs are scorned.  Interestingly, you don't get AIDs from being a CD.

08/15/08  I last was corseted Friday night and Saturday morning.  I didn't get back into my delightful whale boned harness until last night.  The night was cool so I wore my long rubber skirt and gloves to bed. I will stay laced for a while yet.  I love to fix breakfast and straighten up the house while dressed as Nina.  Those kind of tasks seem to go with dressing as a female.  I would love to grocery shop dressed as Nina but that is out of the question.   I may take the skirt and gloves off to avoid getting grease on them as I fix breakfast.

Today is my deceased wife's birthday.  She was so kind.  I like to think back on the times we would watch TV or listen to music in the evening.  I would be dressed en fem complete with makeup.  She would be dressed in a baby doll nightie and rubber gloves.  When we were much younger she would wear a girdle and nylons underneath  the nightie.  She loved it when I would run my rubber- gloved hands over her bare skin.  She in turn would run her finger tips over my nylon covered thighs and the bare skin between the top of the stockings and the corset bottom.  A half hour or so of that was our foreplay.  At that point I would do, and usually did, anything she wanted.  Amazing what one can do with a tongue.  She never cared to reciprocate but her hands were very skilled.  I alway willingly cleaned up any little mess.   Memories are wonderful.  I hope you enjoy me sharing mine with you.

I have to change the subject or I will never get anything done.

09/25/08  It's been a while since I made an entry in this journal.   It hasn't been quite as long since I last wore my corset.  It has been the best part of a week though.  The weather has been so nice and I have neen "winterizing" my house and yard.  I hated going without my corset but it was necessary.  I could have worn it to bed but when I do I just don't want to take it off.   This morning I just couldn't go without it any longer and here I am tightly laced and dressed an Nina.   There is a slight benefit from not wearing it for a few days.  When I finally put it on it feels so wonderful.   As I write this I am reveling in the feeling of being tightly laced.  I am wearing a skirt with a front zipper.  It is open so I can look and feel my stockings and lower corset (it comes (no pun) down over my upper thighs).  The sight of it and the feel of it is about to overwhelm my senses.  To me there is nothing like it.  At times like this I get so emotional that I loose all perspective.  I would do anything to anybody: Female or CD.

Addendum.  I just added a picture of my view as I type.  I should have shown my hand rubbing my thigh.  Maybe tomorrow.  The panty stays but maybe I'll wear it under the corset so the corset bottom is visible.  I have a few questions.  Is there anyone out there who has followed my story from the beginning?  Is it getting too long?  Should I delete it and start over?  Help.

09/30/08  I haven't worn my corset since the last entry and now with it on once again. it feels so wonderful.  I can hardly keep from running my hands over my rigidly laced body.  If only I could wear it 24/7/365 but I have so many things to do.  As soon as the weather gets bad I will lace up more often.  I have  found that the excitement of being corseted and dressed en fem is less intense when I dress everyday.  Skipping a day or two between sessions increases the feelings.  That brings up a decision to be made.  Should I wear it very frequently and enjoy the pleasant but subdued sensations?  Or should I do say every third or forth day and enjoy very intense sensations?  it boild down to quantity or quality I guess.  Maybe I'll dress every other day and have the best of both worlds.  No matter what, try it, you'll like it.

PLEASE NOTE; this story is continued as "CORSET lover Continued".  To find it click on "MORE STORIES" in the listing on the left.  There are other interesting stories there also.

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Marcellous diary, I wear a 50s styel hiwaisted satin firmly boned girdle and LL bra

Hello. I love your stories. I am a man who enjoys wearing corseted but I am not a CD. I would like to read some more of your stories about men wearing corsets. I wish my father had guided me through a corset experience, taken me to a corsetiere and made sure I was treated properly. Thanks in advance.

Happy too see we are many people doing that. I'm wearing a tight corset right now and it drives me crazy<br />
A straight young man

Interesting story. I feel the same way, except I have never worn a real corsett. I get the same enjoyment from wearing panty girdles and open botom girdles. I agree its a shame when the drag people are accepted, yet we normal hetrosexual folks cannot find acceptance for our inner feelings, and must continue to hide them from everyone all the time. Oh well, at least we can enjoy what we feel ourselves and wish others would try it too, its a shame that others dont try and enjoy what is so easy to do. It harms no one,and creates no disease ridden problems for anyone. Its a clean fetish I think. Thanks for the stories. Love Christine.

Interesting story. I feel the same way, except I have never worn a real corsett. I get the same enjoyment from wearing panty girdles and open botom girdles. I agree its a shame when the drag people are accepted, yet we normal hetrosexual folks cannot find acceptance for our inner feelings, and must continue to hide them from everyone all the time. Oh well, at least we can enjoy what we feel ourselves and wish others would try it too, its a shame that others dont try and enjoy what is so easy to do. It harms no one,and creates no disease ridden problems for anyone. Its a clean fetish I think. Thanks for the stories. Love Christine.

I have a close friend who has a similar passion. He has embraced it and now even wears them for his boylesque performances! He recently bought a custom made one which was fantastic as it fitted him amazingly. I'll try to post a link (but am a little rubbish with tech!)<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Anyway love your story and please continue to share!<br />

Hi Again Karynn,<br />
Sorry I mispelled your name. I have a relative with the other spelling and just didn't think.<br />

Hi Karen,<br />
Thanks for the compliment. One of my dreams is dress together with another CD and lacing our corsets. Doing it with coseted lady would be fine also.<br />
love<br />

I would love to dress with you in my corsset.You look very sexy in your corset.<br />
Love,<br />

Hi Samantha,<br />
Nothing feels better than a long tight corset; IF it fits properly. If you want to lace tightly I suggest getting a custom one made to your body. They're expensive but well worth it.<br />
<br />
I was one of the very fortunate ones. My wife encouraged my crossdressing even modifing my things so they sit properly. I inturn very frequently "used my tongue" to say thank you.<br />
<br />
If you looked at my pictures you will see that my breasts have bo choice but to sit in the bra cups.<br />

Hello just after my wife and I separated because of my cross dressing I was in Toronto one Saturday and I saw this store and i just knew because of the name that they catered to cross dressers so I went in and on the wall they had a red satin corset and i fell in love with it and bought it. I loved wearing it as it held me so tight but because of being young and foolish I have purged so many times that I no longer have it. I have wanted to buy another one but have not found the size I want. A few years ago I was in the Bay store and they had these cami's that were styled so much like a corset that I have over the years bought several all different sizes as I enjoy being quite busty so most of the time I wear an extra large even though I am 36. I found out that depending on how you want your **** to sit you wear a size smaller so your breasts do not sink down into the support so far they are very SEXY. Samantha

Thanks Peter. My story is continued in "corset lover continued" listed under my stories. for some reason I reached a poit where EP would accvept additions to this one.<br />

NinaCD I can't wait to read you stories. please don't stop and photos would be nice too.<br />

To NPW76 and all my friends: Youare 101 % on the ball. There is no other feeling like it. Be careful though. The more you wear it the more you want to wear it Finally the "want to" becomes a "have to". It's terminally addictive. You can't lose the desire. Even your friendly shrink can stop you. It becomes a way of life. I know!!!

Hello Nina.<br />
<br />
Great ex<x>pression of the corseting and crossdressing love.<br />
<br />
Loves which I share.<br />
<br />
There's no feeling like the feel of nylon around your legs, the snap of garters on your thighs, the look of the dangling of corset laces down your back and the snug hug of a corset. MMMMM. <br />
<br />
Just plain sexy.

Thankyou, darlimg for your day to day Diary!<br />
At our age, we wonder why we did not do this earlier!<br />
Enjoy life to it's fullest, Nina!<br />
Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

wounder full i to have been corset wearer since age 18 now at 70 still wear them love lace ups and all in one girdles and pantie girdleswear 24/7 365 also all fem undies under male top clothes have lots fem slacks and tops that pass as fem

You are not the only one who thinks this way. Some of us are married & our wives don't permit us to dress in Drag at all. Sometimes I wear makeup & my wife doesn't say anything unless I look too Girlish. <br />
I would invite you to be a Pen girl friend if you're interested? I live in Oregon.

Loved this so honest story. I am quite fascinated by how you interact with what were once to me, as a girl and later a woman, mere garments. Tell me more, not about what you are wearing, but about what is in your head. I LOVE it.

Loved this so honest story. I am quite fascinated by how you interact with what were once to me, as a girl and later a woman, mere garments. Tell me more, not about what you are wearing, but about what is in your head. I LOVE it.

Loved this so honest story. I am quite fascinated by how you interact with what were once to me, as a girl and later a woman, mere garments. Tell me more, not about what you are wearing, but about what is in your head. I LOVE it.

I give up. Myentries since 9/24/08 never get added to my story. Apparently there is a word limit on entries. I decided to start a new story, a continuation of this one but can't figure out how to do it. I can't recall how I started it in the first place. Oh well, I'll keep trying. See you all later, I hope.

I don't know what is going on but my last two entries have failed to appear after I submitted them. Experiences must have a word limit on entries.<br />

Wow, a great diary! I'm not a CD - but am open minded.

Nina Just an amazing diary please do not stop it It is compulsive reading for a corset lover and cross dresser.

hi Tessa,<br />
show me a man who doesn't and I'll show you a man who hasn't tried wearing one.

you naughty little **** i love wearing corsets too & anything femmine

Unbelievable how close your strory is from mine!

For many years I tought I was the only one with a similar expereince!

eeee i love them!