Love the Feeling

My  mother  dresssed me in a frillly white dress  when   I was  7  as a  punnishment.  She  kept me  in  a dress most weekends  and  school   holidays Frequently  taking me   to   the   city dressed shoppping  When   I   was 14  Ileft   school . The  first  payday  I  went   and bought  myself  a  High  waist  Berli  Sarong  OBG  and stockings.  Latter  when  I was about  25 I   bought  a  White  Victorian  style  Tightlace  Corset.  I am  now  in my  sixties  I  am  at   the  moment  wearing  a  black  tightlace  corset Feels  wonderfulI like  to  have   been  born  a  woman  ALAS!

JoannaMaguire JoannaMaguire
56-60, T
1 Response May 19, 2008

You were fortunate to have an understanding mother. It is the secret dream of most CDs.