Corsets And Ribs

I am a man and I wear a corset but have reached the end of waist reduction possible for this corset it's actuality loose in so areas now my waist and hips are no problem but my ribs are another matter it's still very little but noticeably snug at my ribs now I have gained some ground in their size but it was quite painful (in have an under breast corset) now when I order a new one custom made) I don't want to admit defeat in the rib area I already have that superman look and if I reduce my waist more it will be more exaggerated than it so now (I used to weigh 380 lbs now I weigh 170 but when I weighed more it literally expanded my rib cage) now my waist 32.5 I'd like to get back to where I was before I gained the weight 28 I was in very good shape and am over 6'
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This is a problem I don't think you want to attempt to solve. What you are talking about is bone. Brittle bone. The older you are, the more brittle the bone is. You are wanting to compress the curve of the ribs. Worst case condition? You do so, break a rib and the corset drives it into your lung puncturing it. Not a good idea. If you REALLY want to do this it is going to take a long time and VERY gradual reduction of your rib cage.
Here is the situation. Your internal organs, especially the liver, has grown to accommodate your larger size. This alone could explain the 4 1/2 inch difference between where you are and where you want to be. Throwing a corset into the mix compresses the organs up and down your torso. The compression limits the diaphragm movement so you breathe more with the top of your lungs expanding them. The bottom part of your ribcage has the organs pushed up from below as well as your diaphragm muscle and the lower part of your lungs. In other words, it's full.
To accomplish what you want you actually need to get rid of the corset for a bit. You need to take up swimming and use your upper body. This will stretch out and tone your torso muscles. As they get tightened up, over time, they will gradually reshape your lower ribcage. Other exercises can also do this, but swimming is probably the best and easiest. Doing this in conjunction with your corset will help you get what you want, but it will still take time and I'm not sure you can get all of the way there.
Here is a link to a good corset chat room. Maybe you can get some other advice there.

I appreciate your input swimming sounds very promising I just joined the
Y and that is one of the options. since I posted this my natural waist with out my new corset is about 30" I guess this is why I was hoping for a quick fix you see when I wear a well fitting tee shirt and tuck it in to show off my new waist my 40" ribs make me look plain weird so I'm
right back to loose sweat shirts like I wear when I have my corset on
I do wear tee shirts when my girl friend comes over just to get a little satisfaction she doesn't think, or at least doesn't say it; that I look weird like this but I know I do.