Corseted Just Like A Girl

I first wore a corset about twelve years ago. It was more or less the result of a dare, or at any rate in the nature of a bit of fun, and while I enjoyed it tremendously I didn't at the time envisage lacing up on any sort of regular basis. As time went by, I found myself wearing a corset more and more frequently albeit in still rather sporadic spells but nevertheless eventually managing to get down from a natural waist of 36ins into a 28ins corset - something of an achievement. But as anyone who has ever done likewise will know, the thing about corseting is that you have to keep up the momentum, otherwise the reduction isn't permanent.

I don't really know how or why I lapsed, but I did. Nor do I really know what it was that made me determined to try again. But, a bit like a moth to its flame, the lure of the corset once again has me under its spell. Last month I found I could get back into my old 30ins corset, and after a brief couple of weeks of getting acclimatized once again to being corseted, I set myself the goal of doing some proper corset training - with the ambitious aim of regaining the slim 28" waist I'd had as a teenager! I'd never gone in for tightlacing as such, but then I read about the corset training that girls routinely once used to undergo, (and the occasional boy too, by all accounts). Thus inspired, and filled with a bit of determination and perseverence, not to mention self-will perhaps tinged with a slight degree of masochism, I put my 28" corset on - a gorgeous black PVC overbust one - and pulled the laces as tight as they would comfortably go.

I've been wearing my corset now 23/7, sleeping in it for the most part very soundly. During the course of the three or four weeks since I re-started, I've been able to lace it just a little tighter every few days, until it's now laced fully closed! The slight initial discomfort soon passed: I got used to the awkward restriction of not being able to bend easily, and have grown to love the constant feeling of being gripped and held securely in a tightly laced corset. I feel great both physically and mentally and I'm in fact totally hooked on the idea of now having to wear a corset all the time - oh, and the slim girly shape it gives my figure is fantastic.
61-65, M
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

I like your story and can identify with it. I too have worn corsets for much of my life and I know just how exciting it is. I let it slip about 10 years ago and I now mostly wear a girdle but I have several corsets and I like to spend the first few hours each morning in corsets before showering and spending the rest of the day in a girdle.