Corset Help

Dear people of the community. I am a race car driver. things get pretty crazy on the track and i have gotten into a few wrecks my self thankfuly unharmed. I was wondering if i was to wear a corset while i am racing would it help prevent back injuries providing i get into another wreck. or could it be worse for me?
kidddogbites kidddogbites
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

I really think it would help, but there is no guarantee...

Interesting question: I'm not sure that any research has ever been done into this. A lot is going to depend on the nature and severity of the crash, of course. However, since what a steel-boned corset does is to hold the back firmly and support it, then all other things being equal, wearing a properly fitting corset could theoretically lessen the likelihood and severity of a back injury. But unlike the body armour used by motorbike racers, a corset is not purpose-designed to shield or protect the body in the event of an accident.