New Corset News:

I went to try on some of the ready to wear and made to measure corsets at the well known shop in my town.  Big news is that my old corset could pull my waist down to a 32" waist and it is too big, so we started trying on and measuring different sizing corsets starting at a 28" model, one after another they were all too big.  We finally found one that fit perfectly that is a size 24 inch!  Yes girls I fit very nicely into a 24 inch waist corset and when laced down I have a very sexy hourglass figure again YAY!!.

The ladies in the shop were all quite amazed at how much compression I was able to achieve.  They said that there are twenty year old girls who get the vapors when lacing into that size corset.  WOW what a boost to my ego.  I was transfixed staring at my curvy, sexy, hour glass figure in the mirror.  I wanted to buy set after set of sexy ruffled panties to wear below the corset that had matching camisoles to wear over the corset.

Longer story short they convinced me to save my money and come in for a fitting for a true custom corset because it will fit me much better, allow me to achieve even more dramatic curves with lighter lacing and allow me to choose any combination of fabrics and lace to make my corset truly sexy, girly and my special feminine fantasy come true.  So as you may imagine they got me at "curvier" because as a boy I am all about the curves.

So save I must if I want to improve my figure as this will cost around $750 and that is a big investment in my feminine fantasy in one garmet, but if you could have seen me with all to see in my sizing corset swooning and sashaying about to the shop giddy as a schoolgirl on prom night getting rave reviews from other customers in the shop.  "You look awesome"  "What a cute figure you have"  "You should always wear that it gives you such a sexy profile"  Enough already I was sold, so let the savings begin.

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You can get custom corsets a lot cheaper than $750, check out
Romanacy and Hoss. Hoss is German and Romanacy is Made in the USA


Loving the news!

It's now 4 years on since your original post on here. I'm guessing that you have saved sufficient funds to make that investment and have your bespoke corset constructed for you? As some girls on here know, I'm into corsets in a big way and have many of-the-peg models, including one like the girl in my avatar (wish I looked like her lol).

As I am now embracing the female inside more and letting her take more control of how I present, I'm starting to desire a bespoke, made to measure corset for myself. The idea of such a thing is not only a turn on, but veritably makes me sizzle. The very thought of being fitted for a muslin with it being altered and tweaked until it fits like a glove. Then the corset being constructed in the brocade fabric of my choice lined with super strong coutil. Then after numerous fittings to ensure that things are just right, me finally wearing this delicious finished corset over my chemise for the very first time. The feeling of the corsetière tugging on the lacing as her creation constricts and shapes me more on every pull. The intense feel of femininity as I stand there in my chemise, heels, stocking and suspenders, being transformed by my new corset into the sexiest of hourglass shapes. The way that this corset, more than any other I have owned is manifesting Anne-Marie, the sexy woman inside of me and making my frame look, oh so sexy, sensual and feminine.

Yep, I'm into corsets - big time.

Must get some pics when and if I do this and perhaps even use one as a new avatar of the real me!

that sounds so hot

I must admit that I am to shy to do this. But I would love to share this experience. Must be wonderful to go to the shop, sissyclit tucked and behind the legs, with tight spandex and then this corset slowly around my waist and hooked from behind. Like a second skin and tighter and tighter around my body. Slowly the heat getting to like a heavenly dream. Thnaxx for sharing this with us<br />
<br />

I love going with my wife to the store and watch her try on the different corsets. The investment is definitely worth every penny. And so is she....

Awesome, i love corsets, tighter the better I say.<br />

I'm still too shy to go into a store and purchase corsets when I'm not with my wife!<br />
I love your stories.