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I have been wearing corsets for many years...since I was 17 actually, but a couple of years ago I began to wear them for figure training purposes. I wear custom made heavily steel boned longline corsets 23/7 (meaning I only take them off an average of one hour per day, usually for bathing purposes). I have tried a few different makers and am happiest with one in Germany at present. I have managed to get a nice hourglass shape, but am also trying to reshape my ribs slightly for a smoother line. I joined this group in hopes of sharing information with others and hopefully them sharing with me. I am very interested in anyone who can elaborate on what methods they have tried to prevent skin irritation and twisting steel bones (the main cause of my irritation). I'm looking forward to hearing from others, even if you dont have that specific information to share, I'd just like to talk to others who are enthusiasts.

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Try Vollers or Axfords in the UK, perhaps

You may have better luck if you went with a corsetier who specialized in historical recreations as gores are a very period specific style. I'm not sure why modern makers seem to have forgotten about them as they were ingenious additions! Good luck!

You might try Fran at Contour Corsets. She does tight lacing and is able to design for asymetrical bodies. her web site is http://www.contourcorsets.com and her contact page is http://www.contourcorsets.com/contact.html From what you have said, you definitely have a design or layout problem and she might be able to help you. Actually, I'm a bit surprised that Amy wasn't able to get you sorted out. She was very good.

Just ordered my first training corset and can hardly wait to try it out...I'll be reading here alot, thanks

I wish I had something to add, but the best I can do is offer encouragement in your quest. I am an admirer. I think it's sensational.

A great conversation. I am a man who admires women who corset or girdle for fashion. Thank you all for your willingness to be special and wear a corset.

I ALWAYS wear a seamless liner under my corset. I have wanted to wear a body stocking, but haven't been able to find them without seams up the sides. It may be just me because I have really fair and sensitive skin, but even that tiny little seam under a tight corset is like being cut into with a serrated knife and I end up with split skin that ends up requiring me to loosen or remove the corset altogether, which tends to make everyone in my house grumpy (my husband likes to pretend he doesn't care if I wear the corset, and wants me to make all the efforts, but when I am out of it he is much less than pleasant to be around). At one point I was considering a latex liner to protect my skin and my corset, but have also had a hard time finding anything to accomodate my proportions. I know there are custom options, but I would rather spend that kind of money on a new corset. As far as gores/flutes go, the main reason I was wanting to try that is that I have a lot of trouble with the flat steels turning in their pockets, so that they are sideways and that is also like having a blade against your skin, no matter what kind of liner you wear. You wouldn't believe all of the measures I take to protect those areas, lol...liners, socks, cotton padding...I feel like I go around with a virtual closet full of stuff crammed into my corset every day, hehe!

I'm interested to know about the "flutes" and how the gores are different. I did think of that at one time. I have all sorts of ideas that I would like to try if only I had the time and support to do it. I know of one corset maker in Amsterdam who uses round cable type steels instead of the flat ones and he makes them for Cathie Jung, so I'm assuming with her massive hip to waist ratio that she gets better results with that. I know other serious tightlacers like Annalai and Lacie have special formed steel or whole plates in the corset rather than the standard boning to acheive the shape they have. Could you tell me in a private message about the corset maker, or if they are still in the business? I know of Albert Cst. who makes beautiful corsets, but only as a hobby. <br />
@fungirlmmm: not sure if you are asking me or Getting Younger about the corset maker. Mine have been made by Wasp Creations (www.waspcreations.com) and Doris Muller at Corsets and More (www.corsets-and-more.com) but a word of warning: the costs would be prohibitive if you are getting them only for reenactment. A custom made corset will always be more comfortable, especially when its designed for 23/7 wear, but people who wear them for longer periods generally have more motivation to make the substantial investment of $500 - $1000 USD per corset. If its just a few hours a day, I would just go off the rack :)

Hey! Will you send me the website for the company that you bought you corset from. I have two that I wear with some reenactment costumes. I don't think I will ever get used to the way they feel. Are the ones you are wearing comfortable?

I have been wearing only custom made corsets for the past 4 years and have tried multiple makers and have continued to have the same problem. I was using a maker out of New Mexico at Xcentricities for a while, then went on to Wasp Creations in New York, then to Velvet Mermaid in Vienna Austria, then back to Wasp Creations, who does a fabulous job at a certain type of corset, and seems to do really well with men and very slim women without much in the way of breasts, but for me she just wasn't confident enough to go outside her comfort zone and make something different. I had wanted an overbust because occasionally I have problems with the outside of the corset pushing the underwires of my bra mercilessly into my underarms. Not comfortable. I think the problem of the twisting steel is the amount of reduction I am getting. I go very far beyond the standard two to four inches. I have expanded a little in the last 6 months due to some personal struggles, but my measures are 44 hip, 28 waist and 52 bust, so you can imagine with that ratio of difference from hip to waist puts an incredible strain on the steels. I am actually considering some like I have seen on other 23/7 wearing women that have solid steel plates in portions of their corsets. I get the most turning right at the back around the lacing. I dont get any turning in the others because I have the steels mounted on the outside of the corset because all of the seams on the inside are too much on my skin with that much compression. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Kristen