Corsets Are Amazing

Today I went to see my friend and she had a gift for me, a corset. Now I've worn a basque before, but that was nothing compaired to a corset. She had me undress to my panties and stockings, she then left the room to get my gift. I was getting  very excited by the time she returned, she took forever to show  me my gift. She undid the wrapping to reveal a white corset, I couldn't wait to get it on, she made me wait and wouldn't let me put it on until I promised not to over tighten it when I got it home. I quickly promised and she helped me put it on, my stiffy was just getting harder and harder, finally it was on and it felt absolutely amazing. I was in love with it the tightness of it, the restricted movement and only being able to take short breaths kept reminding me what I was wearing. After we had enjoyed ourselves, it was the best sex yet  we were getting ready to say our good byes and  I decided to keep my corset on for the drive home she said she knew I would. Before I left she made me promise again not pull my corset too tight, I promised and left, it was really fun and I felt sexy driving home, when I got home I was quick to take off my outer (  mens clothes ) clothing and slip on a skirt and blouse. The corset gave me a feminine shape, it feels great and looks fantastic, after about an hour I was struck by a strong desire to tighten up (  just a little ) , so I did, its a bit tricky doing the ribbon at the back, but I managed. I hate to say it but my promise was forgotten and I did over tighten my corset which took my breath away even more and it was a bit uncomfortable, I stayed like this for an hour but had to loosen up in the end. You should only go really tight after a few weeks of getting used to wearing a corset. All in all its been a fantastic Sunday and tonight I will sleep in my corset so I can get used to it quicker, I can recommend a corset to anyone they are amazing to wear, so amazing that my friend and I sent for 3 more. If anyone wants the name of the shop let me know and I will put the name up they are very reasonable on their prices. 

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

hi Peter<br />
How tight do i need to wear my corset to start out and how long each day do i need to wear it.Can i wear it to bed.I have a lot of trouble getting my corset on how is the best way to put it on.Hope there is some one out here to help me with this.<br />
Thanks again<br />

hi Peter <br />
thanks for the advice I will take it slow. I slept in my corset last night and I did loosen it but when I took it off this morning my ribs were a bit tender. So tonight I will leave it looser and hopefully it won't take too long to get used to it.<br />
Thanks again<br />