Corsets For Support And Deportment

I just did too many jobs that produced various back pains in  my 20s to 40s. Nothing too serious needing medical intervention but wearing a support  saved the day. That was 20 years ago starting with wrap on support belts which now days are required by OH&S.if you do heavy lifting. I found these work belts rolled over ending up a bunch of material around the waist. They have steels at the back but no bones to stop the front rolling up.  I tried girdles and various other supports, none of which, were much  better. The net produced a wealth of info, and still does. Staylace is probably the best known corset site with many others providing all I needed.   I had Amy Crouther of Wasp Creations make me some fine custom fitted drab looking corsets that did allot more than just support. I had a 26" waist at one stage as you slowly shrink with the unyielding corset which requires reducing to maintain the same tightness. After some years of delightful corseting I developed severe acid reflux, I still use Nexium and various antacids. I quit wearing  corsets for sleeping and just used stretch bodies with boned rubber wraps with hook and eyes, A back support belt over it and a shoulder brace. This is where I'm at now but the waist is back to 32". I think I might start again with another WC corset but limit the chest restriction, start slow, I think I over did it before. Part of continuous corset wear is motivation. I found reading about other peoples corseting very helpful although straight corset fiction is quite rare, mostly full of heavy fetish. Staylace site has a good corset story running now and many others in there file section .I know it would have been easier with rigid corsets had I stopped eating and stayed laced all the time except for a quick shower as eating too much and unlacing for more than an hour just made re lacing unpleasant. I have had no reflux wearing the flexable cinches while sleeping.,    

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U do know that Amy of WC passed away in May, (very sad, big loss)her web site is still operating, maybe someone is carrying on the business? I am going to buy a shorter heavily boned corset, the last one was 17" @ front but mainly due to my height of 5'11". I'm still on the boned wrap with vatious high waist boned girdles but feel its time for better support which I so enjoy. I love the tension during the night every time I move I half wake up feeling the wonderful pressure, during the day I forget I'm wearing it.. one trick I learned was to wear a tight body suit under the corset. Originally bought the tubes, then custom waist singlets, now I have the body suits that keep their shape under the corset without creasing or riding up and down. Have u all a copy of "figure training fundamentals"? (versatile fashions) I would love that training, no reflux with proper 24/7 supervision !!