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I had always wore tights or pantyhose since I was little. When I was 15 I was going to a holloween party dressed as a girl. Having dressed as girl since I was little was no big deal. My sisters had picked out one of their old prom dresses for me to wear. I was going to wear stockings so I tried on my mothers panty girdle it didn't fit. I was too skinny. My mother suggested a garter and i tried hers and and it fit. After my mother left the room my oldest sister told me to take the garter off and gave me a pair of crochless panties to wear. The excitement of the night, garter, stockings, crotchless panties swirling around in a prom dress awesome.

The garter and stockings did it for me. Today I wear them everyday and have found wearing nylon pants liner only add to the feel.
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I grew up in a family with three older sisters. We all went to a coed parochial school where, beginning in 7th grade, the girls were required to wear shear seamed stockings with the school uniforms (white blouse and pleated blue skirt). The girls normally wore white bobby socks over their stockings and low loafers. Receiving their first shear stockings and garterbelts was a real right of passage for my sisters; they were ladies now. I often accompanied them and our mother when they went to get heir first stockings with mom's help. Mom always wanted my sisters to have the longest possible stockings (not normal for those times with longer skirts) which required garterbelts with short garter straps. But I was accustomed to seeing my sisters running around in the morning with their garters dangling under their panties. Usually, my sisters would tuck their stockings under the bobby socks until just ready to leave for school, and then pull them up and fasten their garters just before leaving for school. Our mother closely supervised and made sure the girls, seams were perfectly straight and taut.
I was about eight or nine years old at this time. I was a close but virtually unnoticed observer of this activity. I was very jealous of my sisters stockings. Their stocking covered legs looked so wonderful. One of my duties was taking out the rubbish. One day, I found a laddered stocking in the rubbish, put it in my pocket, took it to my room and hid it. That night, alone in my room, I excitedly took out the laddered stocking and slowly pulled it up my leg, carefully keeping the seam straight up the back of my leg as my sisters did. To this day I recall the marvelous feeling of the shear stocking on my leg. The stocking was long, and came all the way up my thighs. I remember pulling on it to get it nice and snug. I was hooked, and remain so until this day.

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Few guys can try on stockings just once! Of all my boyfriends that I was able to get to try on a garterbelt and sheer nylon stockings only one of them did not love it and would wear hose often after that. I have always found it erotic for a guy to wear femm underwear and hose. Guess it came from my dad loving to do sol

I had a girl friend that liked to see me wearing her panties and nylons.. I also enjoyed her asking me to wear her frilly underthings.. We would often each wear nylons during sex.. It felt so nice to feel our nylons rubbing together during sex..

Garter belts are so sexy. Garter girdles are too, although a little longer in front and back. Six or eight straps to hold the stockings up is better than four. Finish it off with a pair of sling back pumps and no panties of DK's so you and your lady friend can get to it later on. Panties or Dk's should go on OVER the garter belt.

Good Idea the pant liner. I have always liked my guys legs hairless and in sheer nylon stockings. My boyfriend was reluctant to wear stockings at work but once I got him to try them with a nylon pant liner he so loved the feel of the silky swish of his hose against the liner that he now wears stockings almost every day. Also it makes it easier for me to get him into a skirt and heels when he gets home. His muscular legs look soooo hot in sheer nylon stockings, short skirt and high heeled pumps! Also wearing fem attire makes him much more willing to let me get my way.

I once lived with a lady like you.. It was sexy wearing her nylons and panties..

Wish I had your sisters

I can read these comments all day.. thanks sd

Wow you are all turing me on again making my panties all wet .... My CD days are in an upswing and trying to be bolder and wear more... out...more.... not able to pass as a girl . haven't botherd to try the hair n makeup thing yet - also need to buy some silicone breast forms for sure I want to feel the weight and bounce in every step in my heels.... good fun... SD

I'm jealous you had such sisters and crossdressing help. I'm a bit baffled though that your mom's girdle was too small. Women have larger hips than males ... and the waist of the girdle has to stretch over the hips to be worn. A womens waist sized girdle will often be a little less firm on male for this reason. Garter belt's are sexy ... but almost all teen girls in the 60s wore pantygirdles ... You know why? The long straps of the garter belt made it much more difficult for the nylons to be kept taught ... a few sit downs and her nylons began to bag at the knees. Pantygirdles held the nylons much tighter.... and some pantygirdles had hose gripper legs that in conjunction with the garters, made sure her stockings were kept nice and snug and smooth the whole day.

I think that garter belts and stockings are a lot more sexier than pantyhose. I always wear these because they are much more feminine looking and make me feel so girly. I love garter belts and stockings so much and wish I could wear them every day.

You can buy pants liners to wear under slacks or jeans. It gives a great feel to the legs. My excitement was for the clothes I was wearing. Being raised the way I was clothes were clothes, but the final look was awesome.

great story loved the crotchless panty add on but i couldent have gone outside with the lump i would have had in my skirt

great story loved the crotchless panty add on but i couldent have gone outside with the lump i would have had in my skirt