Crossdressing In Secret

Since nine years old I have been wearing womens clOtha an lingerie I Wear lingerie every day I am hooked on it an will nevergive it up my problem is finding a women to except iT I am wearing a garterbelt nylons an panties an bra under my male cloths right now it feels so natural I wish I were born a women it just feels like I shoild be one well I will keep
Going on wearing my finest lingerie feels so good
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

Lingerie is just fabulous.

Wish I could see you now. Why not take off your male clothes and slip on a short silk slip and a mini skirt + pair of high heels ? I could then bend you over my knee and feel you and spank you.

forget women a lot of men would like to have you dressed just like that