Dress Shopping Day

I went to look for a couple of dresses the other day. I went to one of my favorite stores that I shop at but I decided that I would try on some dresses & skirts, & blouses. I went in and noticed that there was a sexy woman in the section that I was looking in. We looked at each other, she gave me a light smile and kept on looking at dresses, so did I. I found three that I thought I would like and she uld like and threw them over my arm and kept looking and looked up to see the sexy woman right there in front of me looking at the dresses I had over my arm and said oh those are cute you have good taste. I thanked her and headed for the dressing rooms and I looked back at her when I stopped at the dressing rooms to wait for a room because they were all full, she just gave me a light smile & went back to shopping. I got me a room and went in & hung the dresses up and went to undressing, then a knock came at my door and that's when I saw the sexy woman's shoes under the door. I said I was in that room and she said okay . I tried the dresses and didn't like any of them. I then looked at skirts & blouses , I finally picked two skirts & one blouse, I headed back to the fitting rooms and got right in this time, tried them on and decided to get all 3. So I headed to pay for my skirts & blouse and went by the lingerie dept. and found me a corset in my size, so I bought it also. The sexy woman came by me and said she liked the corset, I thanked her and turned and saw 2 young girls looking at what I was buying. The one closes to me kept on looking at the corset and then saw that I was staring at her, she then smiled real big at me. I paid and left. My first time to use the fitting rooms. What a rush!!!!!!!! I loved it can't wait to do some more shopping.

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Wow! Would you consider adding me?

Great story. Too bad you didn't like the dresses.

Yes I know that feeling but I think I'm going to go do a little shopping tomorrow and show off my panties to the sales lady. I am going to try on some dresses, skirts, blouses, maybe even some high heels or a pair of thigh high boots. I promised myself earlier this year that I would own me a pair before this winter

great storie jet it allways a wild time shopping I love the feeling of peaple knowing I'm buying lady's things for me I want to start trying things on and get a bra fitting toobut that will have to wait till i get some cash lol