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I Am Wearing A Skirt

I am wearing a purple skirt with snowflakes design now  and also sissy panties.   They feel so comfy.
I wish I could wear them all the time!  It's too bad some idiots call it gay clothing when a man wears skirts.  I'm not one of those idiots.   I like wearing skirts.  Also  I'm wearing a green top but the top is called unisex. Also a bra       I feel it's the real me.   However most seem to think I'm satisfied with pants and shirts type of clothes.  I  call that drab wear.
aquarius3 aquarius3 61-65 4 Responses Nov 22, 2012

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wear what you like I say am going to buy a niki minaj nylon spandex dress not sure which one any ideas ones pink and black the other is all black both with zippers on the shoulders

Wearing nice clothes doesn't make you gay.

I always wear silk lingerie under my suit, been doing it for a while now.

I say you wear what you like, I have never had a problem with men wearing skirts and knickers.


Wishing there were more women like you.

Take good care

There is more acceptance in London UK, now.

nice you are objective about this hugzzzzzzz