So I like just wondering around in my home in just my tighty whities. I only do this when no one is home. But I've became comfortable enough to. I hope my brother don't mind it. There just so comfortable and they look on me at least. I have had only one girl find out that I wore briefs and she liked it she said it was turn on for her lol 😂. Send me messages if your briefs lol
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3 Responses Aug 18, 2014

I wear white briefs around the house all the time...even when my friends are over. They are totally comfortable, and I also think they look good on me.

Im in my briefs now too!

They are amazing!

Hanes tighty whities, hey if you have skype you should add me, turtleman43211

I'm in my briefs now, too! You should add me!

what kind are you in?

nice, gap is always comfy

Hanes briefs are good too, but gap hugs better