Loved Being Watched

when i come home i love to take off all my clothes and walk around the house totally naked i make sure i keep the blinds open on all the windows hoping somebody will see me the only thing i will wear sometimes are high heels
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4 Responses Apr 15, 2012

Wow sound great

My GF and I often spend an afternoon nude by the pool, both of us wearing black patent stiletto heels.
About 5 houses nearby have a clear view. We often wave to them when we see them looking and they usually wave back. One of the neighbor guys, red faced and stammering, asked where I got my heels.

Nice and neighborly you are.! Wanna make sure some one sees you naked send me some pix.

When I come home I ***** down,shower and slip on a pair of thigh highs and heels. I don't pull the shades down as my neighbor already know of my hosiery passion. My gf also supports my fetishes by buying me heels and hosiery. She prefers to see me this way verses totally nude !

If you have great legs and ***, then you should go for it, especially with an understanding partner. Enjoy life.