First Story

My girlfriend doesn't know that I like to wear her panties. I'm sure she has some idea about my fetish because I often buy her sexy new pairs and other lingerie. I worship her when she's wearing them for me, and often make her keep them on while we have sex.
Last night she got home ready to ****, which doesn't happen too often. She was wearing a sexy short skirt and a tight top (she works in a bar at night). I had been texting her all night, hinting that I was horny. I was on the couch when she came home, she came over and sat on my lap, straddling and facing me. To do this her skirt had to ride up and I could see her panties. We started making out and I grabbed her *** as she began to grind on my lap. I started rubbing her thighs and moved my hand between her legs. Her panties were already really wet and she loved me touching her. While I was rubbing her she took off her shirt and her bra, revealing her beautiful D ****. She got off to take off my shorts and quickly got back on. I finally pulled her panties aside, much to her pleasure, and....we had another amazing night...

Now she's at work and I'm sitting here in those very dirty panties. I love panties best when they're dirty. Dirty with her, and even me. These are a silky pink thong with lace around the top. I am almost as hard now, with the feel of these panties, as I was last night.
luvlace25 luvlace25
22-25, M
Jul 21, 2010