I have a drawer stuffed full of female panties and part of another that contains my 'special" panties, string bikinis, thongs, and briefers.

I wear panties all the time. Now I do have three pair of male briefs saved for things like doctor's visits. But I even wore panties when I was having surgery on an injuried finger even though I had to change to a hospital gown. It was not that I am that bold, but that this was the second surgery on the same finger and I knew the routine. When I was time to dress, I asked the nurses if my wife could help me and they agreed. So Beth came back and helped me into the white satin panties I had worn.

Since Beth has taken control of my life she decided "just" wearing panties was not enough. So she came up with the idea of multiple panties built around different styles and cuts of the garment.

I know often wear either two or three panties. The outer layer is always a full cut panty. The inner layers consist of a thong or string bikini while a middle layer is a hi cut brief. One reason Beth decided on this is because it gave me another reason for more panty shopping. It is another layer of submission that I am sent to select a panty for myself. Now I am building sets of three styles in the same color. Beth is even trying to figure out how to get me another drawer so that the sets can be kept together.

The feeling is so different I suggest you try it. The layers make your awareness of wearing the panties all the greater.

My latest twist is starting with the largest in the set, the full cut panty, and their wearing the more restricitve in reverse order. For example today I am wearing a dark pink panty that reaches to my waist. Over this is a similarly colored hi-cut brief that holds my organ. Finishing the collection is a thong which hangs on my hips and whose elestic back strap pulls the other two layers into my *** crack. It is a whole new feeling and I love it.
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Aug 3, 2010