I Am A Good Little Tinkerbell

This is my wife's profile and I am her good little tinkerbell.  She wears the pants in our family and she wants me to share with everyone so I can feel proud of being an obedient, submissive, feminine sissy... just the way she wants me.  I am wearing a purple lace thong right now. I wear panties everday, ever since I became her tinkerbell.  I want to be a good little tinkerbell for her and she defines exactly what that means.  I love wearing panties just like a lady.  The more feminine and frilly the better!!  I have lots of satin and lace panty and bra sets, Yes... I wear a bra everyday too.  I wear them under my undershirt and suit, I have to keep my suit jacket on all day or someone might see my bra straps.  Good little tinkerbells have pretty little **** in their bra and a **** & ***** in their panties, just like a lady.

Look at me honey! I am a good little tinkerbell just for you and proud to show it off!

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Feb 7, 2010