Wearing Panties Now

I wear womens panties almost every day. I'm wearing some now, although they have lace around the leg they are fairly 'normal'. I just love the feel of putting them on & how I feel good inside all day knowing I have them on. I save my really sexy one's for when I get dressed up.

zymack zymack
66-70, M
6 Responses Feb 10, 2010

I am wear panties now, they feel so good along with a bra.

i have been addicted to panties since i before i was 10. love satin second skin the best.

love to wear the, been wearing my for about 25 yrs would not wear mens shorts ever agaih.

I know how you feel, I have loved wearing LINGERIE for over 40 years,I started experimenting when I was ten with my Mothers big silk bloomers, with elasticated legs, what bliss.<br />
I have always liked silky knickers, they are great.<br />
I have plenty now, and wear what I like every day under my suit to work.<br />
The feel of silk against my legs and buttocks is wonderful. I will never stop.<br />

I too love the feel of panties next to me. Very exciting!!

OMG Girl, we share the same feelings for everything feminine, especially underwear. I wear an all-in-one panty girdle and Leggs Pantyhose every day to work. I always wonder what my female co-workers are wearing as well. Hugs, Bobbie Anne