My Panties

I am wearing my panties now and everyday. They are not "women's panties" they are my panties.

jansmith jansmith
51-55, M
7 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Absolutely! Since I am the original owner and buyer they are my painties, I am the owner, buyer, wearer. I Made a choice decades ago to forego mens boxers, and tighty whiteys for panties, and have never had a second thought or regret about changing to panties.

Me to. Right now I am in a pair of nylon bikini panties that are black on the sides and white front and back with tiny black polka dots in the white material and two little bows at the waist band. They are way sexier then anything my wife has and they are also all mine as are the 30 other pair in MY dresser drawer.

Good comment, jansmith, they are not womens, they are mine.<br />
Real good<br />

I love my silk french knickers and all my other lingerie.<br />
So comfortable to wear and the feel of silk next to the skin.

Yes, I love my panties too!<br />

How wonderful to be able to say, "MY panties, MY bra, MY nylons, MY girdle, MY slip", etc, etc. How exciting, how forbidden, how naughty, RIGHT!

Oh how right it is!

Absolutely! I remember when my wife finally accepted me wearing tights and we have real fun in them together. They were washed and hung on the radiator together, and I looked at them and said to her: "isn't that lovely? Your tights and MY tights!" and we agreed it was perfect.