I Love You White Panties

Today I am so happy because a took delivery of something I have been wanting to get for a long long time - a pair of Dorothy Perkins white panties. As I write I can feel the silky and lacy panties enclosing my bottom and my genitals in a firm but beautiful hold. I have been dreaming of this moment on and off for many years and all because the very first panties that someone actually gave me permission to wear which were grown up girls where of course Dorothy Perkins and in white!

I was about 11 and my older Sister used to love to dress me up when my parents were at work during the summer holiday. Usually she would put party dresses, school girl knickers, white socks and low heels on me or one of her old school uniforms and we would play around the house. I loved it of course and always hoped each day that she would suggest it.

This particular day she had obviously made a decision to let me grow up a bit and when she suggested that we dress up I was surprised to be given one of her oldish fashionable skirts, short and pleated as well as one of her soft pink jumpers. As I stood there naked waiting with desperation to put these on she rummaged through her underwear drawer and pulled out a pair of silky white panties with a small bow on the front, they were just so grown up. Coupled with this she gave me one of her trainer bras which she helped me into first. The feeling of wearing a bra was great enough on its own but when she handed me the panties and I pulled them up over my smooth legs my willy became so engorged that I thought it would burst. My Sister smiled at this sight and commented that I obviously was pleased to wear them. I grinned in acknowledgement at that statement!

I then pulled on the jumper and the softness sent a shiver through me and as for the skirt, well I felt liberated, excited and fantastically happy all at the same moment. I could by now feel that the front of those beautiful panties were getting wet, drip by drip.

To cap off my look my Sister gave me a pair of her grown up tights which she showed me how to put on with out ripping them;I was no expert! And a pair of her trendy shoes - slingbacks as I recall;I was in heaven. We played around the house as normal but instead of the silly games we had played in the past we played as two teenage girls would play - discussing boys and make-up etc. My Sister had so much to teach me.

Now I sit in a pair of those same make of panties and recall it all and I am as hard now as I was then! I have toyed so many times at going into one of their stores and buying them as they were never sold on line but always scared myself out of it. Then only the other night I found that they had gone on line and in a feverish trance searched their lingerie section until I found them..the panties that I now am wetting. Wonderful.
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4 Responses Feb 12, 2010

What a wonderful sister you have. Is she aware of what she started and the great cross dressing life that she introduced you to?

Yes she is fully aware of it and actually said sorry for making me this way. I of course told her that I wouldnt have it anyother way and after some discussion about it, she dressed me up again and we both dressed in her undies which was fantastic!

Very cool Sis. You got the best gift from your sister when she introduced you to the wonderful world of being a life long cross dresser.

Great story, I like wearing SILK or SATIN PANTIES and have been doing it for years.

Thanks Chrisme :-)

what a great story