I Just Returned From Panty Shopping!!!

Yep. I couldn't stand it anymore.I needed something new. I am not someone who is at all comfortable going to the store to buy panties, - but desperate times.... I'm a hetero male and not a crossdresser, just a panty freak!!! .I think part of the reason why I don't like panty shopping is because of the types of panties I usually buy. I pretty rarely buy sexy underwear that looks like it would be for my gf or wife. I'm mostly into the types of panties older women would wear everyday. It's kinda hard to pretend you're buying a three pack of nylon Hanes Her Way briefs for your girlfriend!!!  I

I went to my local Kmart and bought some nice microfiber hi-cut briefs, which feel fantastic! I'm glad to be home siitng on my couch with my hand in my new panties!!!!

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

I think that part of wearing the panties is shopping for them. I wonder if we are weird?<br />
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I guess we are because a whole bunch of men normally don't go into stores and buy panties, DO THEY???<br />
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I, and many others, love wearing panties and ALOT MORE and we love it. Lets not stop just because some people say that we are weird, we love it.

I don't think many people even care anymore about seeing a man buying panties. I've seen quite a few in the woman's section looking. One time, I watched a female worker at WalMart helping a guy pick out the right size and style.<br />
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If you feel uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable. Then you really call attention to yourself and make others around you uncomfortable.