Pink Panties

I am wearing a pair of my wife's pink panties right now and she has no idea.  I have left my robe open slightly so that there is a hint of pink showing but doesn't seem to have noticed.  I have kept my wearing her panties a secret from her.  Should I tell her and if so, how do I explain that I love wearing her panties?

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billy above is seriously correct, your wife does know and its not a matter of IF she asked, but WHEN will she ask. And I also agree with the others, tell the truth.<br />
How do you tell the truth? It IS very hard, but eventually you must and you will.<br />
<br />
Good luck<br />

if she catches you in her panties tell her the truth.don't lie about it because maybe she knows you have worn them

I would tell her and sak her to go panty shopping with you to get your own panties and bras

its supposed to be....but if shes not into it, oh well, what about ********? should have birthday ******* also. if she has pretty panties i see nothing wrong with ******* in them, its kinky but so what? i like your goal in ******* in all of hers as well, although i still think you should buy your own also, nice frilly feminine satin ones, maybe you could get her to wear them

No, I can't not stop. It is so deliciously naughty to *** in her panties. I am wearing a pair of my wife's blue panties right now. Earlier this week I wore and ********** in a pair of her panties. I have an overwhelming desire to wear and *** in every pair of panties that she owns. Maybe it's because I have only *** in her ***** one time this year and that was back in January. I didn't even get to **** her on Valentines day. Isn't Valentines Day suppose to be an obligatory marriage **** day? Should I be ******* in her panties?

Maybe are you curious? I am. One things for sure you won't be able to stop

Thank you so much for your comments and how perceptive you are Tessa. Yes, I have *********** and *** in her panties. When I saw her wearing those panties a few days later after they had been through the wash it was both thrilling and somewhat humiliating to know that I had *** in her panties and not in her. I know for sure she would be very upset me if she knew that I wore her panties and ********** in them. Is wearing her panties and ******* in them a way to avoid ******* in her?

I agree with tessa, don't tell her but if she discovers you wearing them be honest. It's difficult enough to enjoy this without lying.

don't explain it or tell her it will ruin the high you get from wearing them.....i assume you jerk off and *** in them, which i find hot but she may should also think of buying your own panties & trying on her bras and stockings too