Panties All The Time

Panties,Panties, Panties That's all I have worn for about 14-15 years, It's all I have. I am wearing them right now, A pair of Wolbar that I  bought on a trip to England a little while back. I have quite a large collection last count 143 panties! I just can't get enough!! I go out and look for new ones on every trip to the mall or store. I have never had any bad reaction to them quite the contrary I get good comments, and reactions all the time.I tell the sales people they are for me and get help picking out new pieces. I like the fit, the feel, and the styles, better than anything out there.   

lingerieme lingerieme
51-55, M
2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I have never counted mine but I bet I gotcha beat...hehe Panties 24/7 even on visits to the Dr.

I guess so never can have enough