'Weary' is a completely different state of being than 'tired'. You can have had enough coffee that you don't want to sleep, but your heart can still be weary. There isn't much that doesn't feel like a barren Arizona landscape in me right now. 'Weary' needs 'tired' to define itself because 'weary' is a depth of 'tired'. 'Weary' is tired of hope, tired of idealism, tired of where hope has got the world: nowhere. 'Weary' is the realization that out of all the options that today could hold, staying in bed is most efficient. Weariness knows that the energy expended in the activities of a day will be extremely disproportionate to how much those activities matter.

I am not tired. I'm weary as hell.
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22-25, F
Jan 8, 2013