In my house its me12 my bro15 my sister 11 my mom is 35 so is dad. Im the smallest and weakest. Even my lil sis is 3 inch taller than me, and shes stronger. I was walking home with this girl I like. She saw I had strechty pink tws on. She gave me a big weddie then a hanging weddie. Shegave me tons of water and I peed. She finally let me go and wen I get home my dad asked where I was and my moinm said probably getting wedgues like always. My mom gave ne a huge welcome home weddie. Then my sis came in and gave me atomic. I,peed on her and she told my bro. He gave a hangibg on shower head. In the morning my sis let me down and gave me some swirlies. When I got breakfast my dad gave me messywith jam. After my girst waffle my bro threw my second to the grond then headed upstairs. My dad left for work. my mom gave me a messy with the waffle after she put syrup on it. She went upstars wile I cleaned the mess. Wen I went upstairs to change my mom bro and sus cornerd me and wedgied me. My bro gave me swirlyy and weddie at the same time. Tgen my sis did. My bro peed then left then my sis pooed and my mom gave me the hardest weddie and gave me swirlly in my sisters poo.then I changed then hanging. 15 mins later they got me anx brot me to sis gave me weddie to neck and told me tnot to pick it. I did and she found out and made me drink toilet water. In my next class the teaxher Mrs edberg saw the weddie, it wuz under my shirt. She shiwed the class and pulled it higher.
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idd love a teaacher to give me a wedgie