Yes I Do !

I'm not sure what other ppl consider as "weird" but some say that I am a weirdo, seeing sometimes my behaviour or reactions. But I don't take it as some kind of rude, but rather vice versa :) I like make funny faces, wearing clothes that don't fit to each other with color or style, or even doing stupid jokes to my neighbors or friends :D Everybody has strange ideas, but not everybody dare to let them out of their heads and have a life! This is what I think ;)

Cheers !
Flume Flume
18-21, F
11 Responses May 23, 2010

Some people say that I'm weird and I like it. If you looked at you wouldn't think so. I am somewhat quirky and a little eccentric. I enjoy it and am proud of it.

Being weird is awesome!

na i dont think it weird.. your just being who you are and there nothing wrong with that

you 're amazing dear....

I wish I had been less inhibited Flume...Thanks for ur story..:)

ha hi flume, since i can't gesture or message you back due to your privacy settings or whatever, i will say here: thanks for the respect. bahaha.

um, all you people leaving comments, i don't think she's asking for comfort or advice on being weird/being herself.....but i guess it's nice of you guys....yay

Yay! Of course sometimes i blush after the things ive done in public... but I had fun at the time, and THAT is what matters!

Either you are a very interesting person or I am weird myself. I hope you will be as happy with it as I am. Keep it up!

I have always been outspoken and "strange" because I am not afraid to express myself. Shout out say whats on your mind and wear whatever the hell you want and if that makes us weird then wtf is normal? WTF is "normal" anyway? And I am not talking about being a sicko or someone who hurts ppl on purpose, abusers, etc. cause that should not be considered normal even if it is normal for them. I am talking about ex<x>pression through style and speaking your mind who in the hell has the right to say dude you are weird? Those ppl obviously have a stick up their *** or just can't accept that all ppl are different. BTW when i am walking in a crowded place or driving and catch someone literally staring at me i purposely make a retarded face just so they have something to stare at lol gotta love it!

Keep being yourself that takes courage something alot of people don't have.I like to act weird sometimes too lol.Mostly with my kids because they won't be judgemental like everyone else.:)