At Least That's What My Friends And (some) Close Related Families Think!

But honestly I don't care less for I love myself, my 'wierdness' is almost similar to Amelie Poulan, from Amelie the French movie. When I watched the movie, I was speechless, the character of Amelie in the movie clearly defines me! It doesn't matter what/ how people think/judge you, as long as you don't do indecent/immoral stuff like killing/get into fights etc. it's perfectly fine! So yeah, I'm proud to be wierd! XD
kelishaminda kelishaminda
2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

we all are weird XD

kelish, it's great that you relate to Amelie..I watched the film and--was it Audrey Toutous playing Amelie?--I enjoyed her character;--pure, unselfconscious chaos...a girl who resides in the moment, however turbulent the moment may be...I visited Paris several times and her character isn't that exaggerated...I had a black satin/velvet cloak made in '78...I wear it to sci/fi fantasy conventions...if that qualifies me as wierd, I'll celebrate;--the alternative is bland, prosaic conformity...stay weird;--you'll meet cooler people