You Have No Idea

Seriously the first word out of my friends & families mouth's when describing or introducing me (but my parent's refrain,for they want a "smart" son). My ex-wife even said she thought I tried to be weird  because no one is naturally THAT weird. I have weird habits, weird clothing, weird interests, eat weird foods, have a weird family, etc. I don't go a day without hearing the word. I just wanna be me. Is that so weird?

QuixoticKidEternity QuixoticKidEternity
20 Responses Mar 14, 2008

What is weird?<br />
Thats what I want to know.<br />
I think being who you are is beautiful, don't let anyone put you down.

Reminder is in the mail! ^_^

Weird is just a way to say "non-conformist." There is nothing wrong with not conforming to the standards of the multitudes around us! :)<br />
(Do me a favor...remind me I said that the next time I get upset that I don't "fit in" with people IRL??? LMAO)

You a very good man from what I can tell.<br />
You have to get use to me joking with you now and then though. Have a great weekend friend

Thanx PB. That means a lot!

I think you just great, In a weird sort of way. lol JK

Amen sister!

My youngest daughter has gotten the "weird" label every year in school. She's in gifted classes and has lived a pretty good life (at least with me). I told her that when you're rich and famous, they'll be lining up to tell you how wonderful you were, LOL. What's wrong with being weird anyway? See my experience: I'm in a class all by myself and join me, we'll celebrate our "uniqueness."

How weird is weird? What sort of weird things do you do and say?<br />
<br />
You know, weird is terribly fascinating. So please, do share.

Never apologize owl! You're the cat's pajamas!

i just added the "im weird" to my disclaimer.... i warn people ahead of time that i am going to be myself and they will probably find it strange.

Oh I see. When you've proved to the outside world that you truly are, then you become that. Sound advice.<br />
D: my first attempt. See, it's backward!<br />

No you have not my friend. Maybe I can help you on your way to true weirdness.<br />
First, buy a fish.<br />
Second, find a public place.<br />
Third, slap yourself in the face with the fish until someone says you're weird.<br />
There, you've done it!

Dude you're my hero SERIOUSLY. What can I do to become a disciple??? I can't join this group I'm just a wannabe but I'd love to learn. Is it even possible? Learning weirdness??? How unorginal and UN-WEIRD! I'VE FAILED ALREADY :( !!

yes Flugelblues - and the weird couple have weird babies that can't say "S"! LOL

Me too!! I always feel that one just isn't enough and add two - at least!! <br />
<br />
We should be on the look out for other people on EP that use too many !'s - maybe its a sign of their weirdness - we could recruit them and start a group....<br />
<br />

Oh yeah baby! (I really use too many !'s)

Haha - you know whats great...when your weird clicks with someone elses weird - and you form one weird couple!! :)

I agree! Weird is beautiful! Weird folks unite & we'll show the "beautiful" people what's what :)

Weird is nice - I am always told I am weird - or odd - I take it as a compliment at this stage!!