i know wat it feels like to be weird too

the other day i was sitting in my science class and my teacher said something about having to take notes about mammals and i wasnt paying attention and was thinking about this conversation that me and one of my friends had at lunch that day about butterflies then the teacher asked me a question and i blurted out "i hate butterflies"

i think that qualifys me as weird

doesn't it?

imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme
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You think that's weird? Hahaha! Meet me and you'll know what weird is. Add me and I'll explain all

Well if it makes you feel better I was finishing up some minutes right before a meeting and I was really hungry thinking about my pasta I brought for lunch when I typed "green sauce" instead of "green space". Well everyone got a good laugh out of that one. Good thing it was only an internal meeting!! So cheer up, we all do stuff like that!

says who? huh huh huh? exactly.lol. no one.lol.

coffee does not cough!

for all humans know, coffee does cough.lol. jk.

i am weirdest cause i say the weirdest things lke if you say butterflies i'd say coffee coughs =]

lol. if i do happen to be smarter than you (which i doubt that i am) it is only slightly.lol.<br />
you are very welcome, and i think that we are equally wierd.lol.<br />
yay me!!!

yepyep.lol. it wasnt a bad metaphor, its just that my logic out logiced your metaphor.lol.<br />
you are very welcome. =+] you should most definitely take that as a super duper major compliment.lol.<br />
yay me!! i made your day. =+]

lol. true true. but black can be grey and grey can be white, so in effect black can be white.lol. <br />
yay me!!!<br />
you are most definitely one, if not THE, wierdest person that i know.lol. and its a major compliment to you as well.lol.

lol. normal is average and if everyone is wierd then how is there an average to be a normal?

well weird is a norm... a norm is a majority... the majority of people are weird... weird is normal... but then no one is the same so we are all weird in different ways. so no. you are not weird, you are normal. X

thats an interesting theory.lol. =+]

weirdness is just nonsense, everyone is weird, so nobody can be weird.

Maybe if when the teacher asked you, you blurted out, "I EAT butterflies," & then you took a butterfly out & ate it, then you might be wierd.<br />

Hey, I can *STILL* see you! But also, we're all a bit weird. You happen to be weird like someone else: http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e=36010

Hahaha, you are not weird. You are just human. And you seem sweet too :P ... Try to look at things the positive way :D