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OK.my name is really uncommon. It makes everyone say my name wrong it comes from indonesia but my mother heard it from a daughter of her friend and she loved it,I look weird. Yes I'm pale and people would usually guess that I'm asian WHICH IS TRUE and make fun of my  hair which very long hair jet black they said your hair just like a wigs.Yes it's weird but i like the way it is. xD I can't speak well. Truth is, I CAN but I'm too shy. I feel different in school and at work. I feel like they are judging me but when I'm at home, my parents say my voice sounds beautiful such as in clear..People say i have no friends, which is false because i DO but I am not popular. Now the popular people touches each other's butts. Eww :( I don't laugh at what they are laughing. For example: This girl "air-kicked" me in Gym and she wanted me to laugh but i didn't. Then she said, "Do you get it?" NEvermind your weird I'm shy and I tend not to talk a lot which fits my personality. i love to bring my laptop to the bathroom and do home work there..i love to play with my own hair for hours, when come to style i love to covered my face and also i still love to watch cartoon....!! now tell me how weird i am ???? am i to weird???
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you cant be weird enough :D

To me it just sounds like you have a bit more self respect and class than what the current "Normal" is. As far as the hair and skin goes, they are just jealous of how beautiful you are.

Kiddo you are not weird at all I love cartoons too. I'm watching right now.

but everyone called me that i am weirdo but that ok because i will not harm anybody, so you do love cartoon huh what are you watching??, i really love cartoon they are so funny.

Ben 10 on cartoon network. The people that say you are weird don't really know what they are talking about.

i like Ben 10 too but i like more dragon and ninja cartoon but i like all cartoon tho and my brother told what the heck are you kidding me he said is better nude movie not that grow up sis

Stay young as long as you can I still collect toy cars. No need to grow up. Just be happy.

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i have a more wierd name Arthantar still i am happy


thats not weird, you're unique and beautiful. I mean I choose to not surround myself by a bunch of fake friends. I have just a several few that I keep close to me. just because you choose not to have friends doesn't make you weird. I mean I have people call me weird all the time! and then they say its "in a really good way" but what can you do that's my personality haha and same for you that's just who you are, you think more clearer when isolated. that's how I am, so don't worry its not just you. ♥

your not that weird :) i've heard of weirder people