I Know Im Weird

Since I was little I got bored a lot and quite often to be honest so I adquired this habit of talking to myself out loud, and I kinda find myself quite amusing because everytime it happens I can't stop laughing. everybody thinks I might be a little off, and they might be right, it couldn't be normal.
I hurt a lot of people without knowing that's my curse, So i tend to be Distant, but no man can be an Island that's true, even I get lonely.
So it's hard for me to feel comfortable with people, because I think if I open up, they will leave.
those a few of many reasons why I consider myself weird.
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7 Responses Apr 5, 2012

I do that. I just make sure nobody is looking at me. My mom looks at me kinda weird at times.

that is so NORMAL though..i do it all the time:)

You are normal.My grand father was a talker.There's no difference there.He would laugh at his own jokes.<br />
I try to stay quiet because I'm schizophrenic.Voices talk to me in my head.I don't remember everything they say because its not important.I truly am weird.

I have long conversations with myself and I actually answer back sometimes. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Yep, I have conversations with myself, too, and always have. It allows me to take whatever I'm thinking about and turn it into a Q&A session, which in turn allows me to work out problems, plan stuff or just drill some new facts into my head. It wasn't designed that way; hell, it wasn't designed at all, it's just that is howit has proven itself useful.

You are unique not weird. No one is perfect and everyone thinks they are a little off at times.

Totally do this, (I do) full conversations at times to work out problems. The laughing thing.. though? Yeah you're off! Lol. *tap tap* hello.. awe shyt... here I Go again... ok I am way off too!