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Wolf Is Looking For A Lion

I don't know but it always look like i'm looking for a dominant part of me who is lost in this world..

I'm a wolf who's brave, strong, arrogant, swift, aggressive, intelligent, sharp minded, tricky, dark, outrageous, risk taker and innovative..

while the lion is strong, muscular, big, dominant, courageous, tough, positive, always ready for more, strong willed, a leader and a motivator..

I guess i'm looking for a guy exactly opposite to me...LOL.. Who thinks he's a lion???

Mickey9871 Mickey9871 22-25, M 7 Responses Apr 15, 2012

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hmm well I am not a lion .. just a kitti but I can karate chop someone if you would like ?=-D

ofcourse if its a female it has to be a kitty.. :P

Very cute story! I hope you find him!

Thanks.. i wish!!!.. XD X)

Sorry we are too much alike. Ahah.

LOL... I am a lion at certain times... : p

I can see myself being the Lion and the Wolf. Ive been known to be the Monkey once or twice. Hehe.

LOL... i am a monkey at certain times but stay serious in my real life until its really something to laugh on.. : D

Why so serious? The way I deal with stress and problems in life is to laugh. Im not sure why but the worst something is the bigger my smile becomes. Im always smiling.

I am smiling too in front of people.. the way i deal is "do do do" and don't care for the result coz i know it can't be bad.. after all its done by me.. XD

Wurd =)

orly?.. (i learned this from u.. )... :P.. lol

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Lets kick some *** brother!

Sure... would love to.. :D

you need to be dominated? no problem, I'm of olden noble blood and quite a bit arrogant about it. you may be my beta, if you wish. ;)

LOL.. nope .. i mean a guy who is dominant on what he wants and would get it anyhow.. in other words someone who is so confident and ambitious that he will dominantly prove himself when he's against odds,,

if its stubborn determination you mean, thats all there. how else would I be have been able to chase my dream for half of my life without it?

so u mean u're a lion???.. :D

"Tag team partner"? - please explain!

Tag team partners means a group of 2 or more people who work as a team when it come to wrestling.. :D

Never thought the wolf feminine before. Mmm... It makes sense come to think of it.