i have a habit of pulling out my eyelashes and chewing them i just have to do it
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I'm so glad I read this. I have a bad habit of pulling out and thinning my right eyebrow.. I have taken a long time to try and pin point what triggers this. I have realized two triggers:<br />
1. when I'm at the computer (boredom?)<br />
2. when I am concentrating really hard on something. (stress?)<br />
<br />
I also peel the now callous cuticle and skin that grows around my thumbs.. I'm almost positive I do this when I feel insecure and inadequate in my own abilities.<br />
<br />
Anyway I feel better knowing I'm not the only person who is caught up in habits of self mutilation. I guess I'm not that weird.. :)

i thought i was the only one to do it too glad to know there r others

the whole WORLD is weird :) so don;t worry about it :) lol your not alone