What's The Difference?

"Those who are different change the world. Those who are the same keep it that way."

I don't know who said that, but it sure is true. I read super hero comics. I drizzle honey on my pizza. I play air guitar. I fantasize about ghosts and aliens. I egularlyray eakspay in igpay atinlay. I don't always bother matching my clothes. I go to the store barefoot. I make car sounds while actually driving. I treat inanimate objects as if they were alive. By all accounts, most people would say I'm weird because of these and any number of other qualities. But that doesn't mean it's not worth it to get to know me. Why would you want bland? Spice up your life a bit. In the end, we're all flesh and blood. It's time we celebrate our variety.
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8 Responses Aug 5, 2012

Lmao...I do.most of those things too

how will you get on when all cars are electric? you'll just sound like a whining puppy ha

I learn lot of things from you. this is what life is about to live a free bird like you. People like me take life way too more seriously .

Soo true...wow! Thought I was the only one lol...be your awesome self....:) terry

Soo true...wow! Thought I was the only one lol...be your awesome self....:) terry

here here! anyone who thinks they are normal has a serious problem haha. I embrace my weirdness... I feel very alone a lot of the time but I finally realized I actually am happy to be me. A million times better to be a conscious weirdo than a "normal" air-headed ditz... never feel bad to be yourself, "normal" (whatever it is) has been done to death. Time for something new.

I think your perfect the way you are, I wouldn't change anything. It's too bad that we are in different generations, I would like too get to know you.

Whoot whoot !