True Definition Of Weird.

These Are Jus Some Of The Things I Do: 1) Scream At Random Times 2)Run Around My House With A Snow Cap On 3) Make Up Kiddy Songs For My Niece 4) I Carry A Toy Story Blanket With Me Everywhere 5) Blurt Out 2 Chainz Lyrics At Random Times 6) I Go To Bed With One Sock On And One Sock Off 7) I Put Maple Syrup In The Pancake Batter Instead Of On Top The Pancake 8) I Always Think About Animals Before I Go To Sleep 9) I'm In The Process Of Buying A Monkey That I Want To Name Sevyn 10) I Bring McDonalds Tea With Me To School Everyday ...Told You So :)
KyDee KyDee
18-21, F
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