Im Known As The Weird One But They Always Come Back For More

As you can see im the weird on in the group of any group im in lol. I keep people entertained yet something about me makes people think im strange. I dress normal, im a normal guy, and i live a normal life but hey Im the weirdo lol. I guess it's because im a gentalmen but a perv, a gamer but someone who has a life, and im me but people think my views are out of place. Im still just enjoying who i am and i have many friends but hey I am who i am for a reason. If you want to know more about me or you think you can match my non-weird weirdness then bring it on!
pizzaboy213 pizzaboy213
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1 Response Nov 13, 2012

Lol, since you're Texan.. You probably know what a rodeo is? Well you know the southern speaker like the announcer... I basically just read it with that voice in my head and now I can't stop laughing

Yeahhhh lol Texan is what I am mam lol

So am I. But, being a southern belle I'm attracted to city boys (;

City boy is what I am lol xD

Lies, :)

Nope xD I do city all the way lol

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