I Know

I'm confused..what am i doing with my life?
is it still worth living this kind of life?
i'm bored, tired, and hurt, you can call me a wild guesser, uhm well i meant i have wild guess for everything, i over-think everything too much
few days ago i think i opened a portal that can make me hear voices the humans can't hear, no,,not the ghosts, i can't hear ghosts, they are just little creatures like insects or tiny birds, and something else, i don't know what it is until today, i tried to telepath, but this one is what i got, it becomes annoying that i can barely hear silence, i meant i never hear silence anymore, i can't find it anymore anywhen..this is just so crazy, i still remember that when i was a kid, i heard it every night before i went to sleep, did i just ignore it for years? can everyone actually hear it but they all choose to ignore those little things?
i don't know..
i can also guess what people think or feel, and also what they are gonna think or feel...those thoughts just pop into my mind (but i can't guess anything if someone personally ask me to do that to them, i can only do it when they aren't aware of it), i don't expect it, they just come to me that way, i don't know why, i know when people lie, i realize when people use me, but i don't know why i can't stop them, i just let it all flow, i just watch it all happen...
i know when someone's gonna change, i know when someone's changing, i know what people actually feel when they themselves don't even realize it, i know the truth, and i'm tired to know. but i don't wanna lose these abilities, i enjoy it even though i'm wounded.
i know when some things are gonna happen to me, things i hate, i know when they will happen to me, but i can't picture it when something good is gonna happen, what a painful life it is..

HakujitsuSeiten HakujitsuSeiten
18-21, F
Dec 12, 2012