My Past Is Conflicting My Future...

i think because of my past and the way that i may talk to someone that i may get mis understood. I say this because lately people have been responding to me and i have made several friends. Some who i can relate to, others who want to get in my pants, and others who i have a lot of questions to ask but i think because of what happen to me i come across as weird or hard to follow.
To make things clearer and i guess odd, because of my past i feel that i may like men as well as women. I have had encounters with girls such as kissing dating blah blah blah but i am still a virgin. Sometime i do catch myself looking at another mans bulge or butt (im a butt guy), but nothing to the point where i will go grab it or try and talk to him. If i see a girl i like i will go talk to her. If a dude tried something with me though i might let the right one in but i dont know honestly. I'm a christian and i love God more than to let anything happen, but i do wonder what would happen if the right one tried something.
I do want to marry a woman and have kids but im young and in college and im curious, but confused at the same time. I have a lot of thoughts going through my head but i honestly think its because of my past. I think if what happened didnt happen to me maybe i wouldnt have these thoughts and would just be "normal".
Im honestly extremely confused...
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Dec 22, 2012