Strange And Sensitive Child.

When I was in first grade, I attended a small private school. I had nine kids in my class, and was very shy and self conscious. I spent the afternoon break either following my only friend around or playing with the tribe of colored hoola hoops that i had named and pretended were my babies.

One day,( I guess my friend was absent), I went out for recess and saw some second graders poking at something with a stick near the barrel of hoola hoops. A big guy, Tommy, told me to go away because I was a little baby.
I timidly circled the group from afar, trying to see what was so fascinating and complicated that a baby couldnt see.

It was a dead robin. I pictured my mom, dead on the ground and being poked by strange men wielding sticks. I flipped out. In moments, I was sobbing, "LEAVE IT ALONE! Just LEAVE it!" I cant remember what happened after that, but i remember the boys leaving the bird alone as i sobbed over its dead body.

I had all but forgotten this instance until a few months ago, when Tommy approached me in my high school to taunt me about it. Thought Id share.
Psychosquid Psychosquid
Jan 13, 2013